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How To Auto Reload/Refresh Tabs In Firefox With Free Plugin

Tab Mix Plus is one of my favourite Firefox plugins, firstly because it lets me split my tabs into multiple rows (I have too many tabs open at any single time to fit into just one row), and secondly because it allows me to set the reload or refresh time of one or all tabs open in my Firefox browser. You simply choose the number of seconds, enable the option, and after the selected time ends, the selected tab(s) will automatically refresh, and loads the updated page.

Download the Tab Mix Plus plugin free

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1 thought on “How To Auto Reload/Refresh Tabs In Firefox With Free Plugin”

  1. Hmmm, this appeals to the over the top web surfer in me. I usually have multiple firefoxes open to enable me to see all my tabs, so I’m definitely downloading this plugin to make my surfing easier. The settable refresh is to my liking too, does this mean I can have all my refresh actions manual? Sometimes when I got lots of blogs open my internet bandwidth gets eaten up very quickly by these blogs constantly refreshing in the background.

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