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Start A Daily Routine Now Before It’s Too Late

Start A Daily Routine Now Before It's Too Late

I used to think that spontaneity was the spice of life. I’d leave huge chunks of free time in my calendar, and see what I felt like doing when the moment arrived. Unfortunately, I realised that I typically ended up filling my free time with mindless activities, such as watching movies or TV shows, surfing social media, or going out for one too many drinks. After a while, it began to frustrate me because there wasn’t anything fulfilling about those

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Become Successful By Having a Personal Masterplan

Become Successful By Having a Personal Masterplan

“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”– Lewis Carroll I’ve heard many people say that the opposite of success is failure. That’s not true. In fact, failure is a necessary part of success. Every time you fail at something, you’re finding out another way that doesn’t work, which will ultimately bring you a step closer to finding success. The opposite of success is not failure. It’s mediocrity. It’s not performing at your full

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6 Things You Can Do While Waiting to Be Happier

what to do while waiting productivity

We spend a lot of time waiting. For most of us, a large part of our time is taken by commuting and traveling. Or just lining up for things. I used to have the mentality of seeing these periods of time as time wasted, and as a result, I looked for time wasters to fill them up with: social media, reading news, watching movies, listening to songs, and so on. It’s not that these activities are necessarily negative activities, but

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What My Snowboarding Gear Consists Of

snowboarding gear flat lay

When I first started snowboarding, it was a completely new activity to me. I remember how unfamiliar everything was, and how awkward I felt. One of the problems that I definitely faced was what to bring and wear/use. A lot of items were very new to me, and I didn’t know my preferences, nor what to look out for when buying something. For most items, I had to buy several different kinds before I found something that I liked. Eventually,

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5 Crucial Reasons Why I Snowboard, And You Should Too

snowboarding views niseko

When I was running my business, I didn’t have much time to pursue any hobbies or interests on a consistent basis. Much of my time was spent on the business, since there was always something that could be worked on. My work consumed me, and I justified it because I was improving my career, and besides, it was better to spend time on my work than on idle and negative activities. It was only after the business got acquired that

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How I Started a Business With Just $115

how to start a business

Before I started my first business in 2002, I was a freelancer who did website design — which was another way of saying that I was a student trying to make money designing websites for companies. I had no business nor company, but that was a plus point for some businesses. They were willing to work with freelancers like myself because we could charge them a lower fee as a result. There are risks for businesses to work with freelancers

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I Didn’t Understand Money, And I Paid The Price

value of time money

I had a 2-month internship at Microsoft once when I was much younger. It paid me around SGD350 a month (or about USD250). I knew it was a very low-paying job, but I was a student, and it was the going rate. It didn’t become clear just how low-paying it was though, until I went out for a nice dinner with my friends. The mains at the restaurant cost about SGD35. It struck me that it would cost me quite

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