Hi, I’m Alvin

I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s most known for growing and exiting Vodien for $30 million. I am a minimalist who only owns one pair of shoes, travel to work from a different place every few weeks, and a philanthropist who created a scholarship to fund a beneficiary through university every year. Follow me on Youtube or read my blog.


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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them


We all have things that we want to achieve or obtain, but these thoughts remain in our heads until the day we decide and commit to making it happen. The way we can translate our thoughts into something tangible is by making them into goals. Goals are great because they give us a sense of direction, motivation, and focus. However, the problem is figuring out how to set goals and achieve them...

12 Best Practices to Grow Your Business


At its largest, the company that I was running, Vodien, had 150 employees spread over 4 countries. I didn’t learn about organisational behaviour or organisational management in school, but I quickly realised I needed structure and systems to grow the company smoothly and not have everything implode. Here’s what I learnt are the best practices when I was running my company. Best Practice 1: Vision...

Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Business


Live the life you deserve by becoming who you should be. The world is changing rapidly, and having your own online business gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want, and spend time with your hobbies, friends and family. Starting a business is tough work. Nobody believes you can do it at the start, but it’s possible. I know, because I did it, and I want to show you how...

How To Find a Business Idea


How to find a business idea is a challenge that a lot of people face, but it’s not necessarily as hard as people make it out to be. This is a pretty common question, so I’ve included a section about it in my free guide that I’ve created for you. For those of you who haven’t gotten it, pop over and check out my free guide on how to start your business. Let’s start with today’s topic. When wanting...

Why You Don’t Need a Great Business Idea To Succeed


People generally have 2 issues that prevent them from starting their business: finding a good business idea, and not knowing if their business idea is good enough. Is a great business idea really necessary to succeed though? I’ve heard from a lot of people that they don’t know whether their business idea is good enough, and it’s one of the bigger problems that they face when starting a...

How Being A Minimalist Made Me Happier


Once, I thought that all that mattered in life were the things that you possessed. Things like your car, house, watch, clothes. I chased all of that for many years, until I woke up one day, and realised: “What’s the point?“ That was the first step of me becoming a minimalist, and real joy. What is Minimalism? Minimalism is about living intentionally, and with a clarity about...

12 Ways To Get More Time Out Of Your Day


It’s 2019 and I’m turning 35 years old this year. When I was a young 8-year-old kid in primary school, I had teachers who were 20-30 years old. I remember thinking to myself that they were really old. Now, I’m looking on as my 40th birthday approaches in 5 years’ time, and it’s a stark reminder of how fast time flies by, and how it’s important to find ways to...

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I've over 17 years of entrepreneurship experience, having built a tech company to be the top in the country, which was subsequently acquired for an 8-figure sum. As CEO, I led the company through robust growth to 150 employees across 4 countries. After the acquisition, I embraced minimalism, sold off my personal possessions, and started living around the world.

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