Best Protein Bar Review: Which Is The Healthiest Of Them All?

I’ve been trying to change my diet to eat a lot cleaner and healthier food recently, and that means less of processed foods (hams, sausages, burger patties, candy, etc), sugared drinks, and artificial stuff, like artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, that also leaves me in a bit of a problem when I get hungry in the middle of the day, or when I’m on the move, because I’m suddenly faced with a lot less options to turn to.

Protein Bars Are Convenient and Nutritious – But Which One Is Best?

I started researching on possible solutions, and I found protein bars: high in protein, convenient, and seemingly healthy. I started looking at the various kinds of protein bars available on the market, and got myself several brands. Unfortunately, I realised that not all of them were made equal. Even though they came with 20g or so of protein, some protein bars actually had the nutritional profile of a Mars bar!

I only found this out the hard way by trying at least 5 different brands of protein bars – Promax, Promax LS (Low Sugar), Pure Protein, CLIF Builder’s, Quest – before I started reading the nutritional labels closely, and finding out that some of them had WAY too much sugar.

Shocking Amounts of Sugars in Some Protein Bars

Take a look at these Promax bars for instance. I was wondering just how different the regular Promax protein bars and the Promax LS (lower sugar) protein bars are, until I looked at the nutritional label:

promax protein bar nutrition

These regular Promax bars have 30g of sugar! That’s almost half its weight! And yes – that’s almost what a Mars bar has in them too. After this fact dawned upon me, I realised that it was the reason why their wrappers were designed the way they were. If you noticed, the regular bars had no mention on the amount of sugars, just that it had 0g trans fat, and 18 vitamins and minerals. It was only the Promax LS bars that started to show off the fact that they had 9g of sugar.

promax protein bar compared

Best Protein Bar – Quest Protein Bar

The one protein bar that I found had a really good nutrition profile was from Quest. To me, this was the best protein bar around. It had only 1g of sugar, and didn’t have any artificial sweeteners too.

best protein bar quest

I found out that the flavor greatly changed how much I liked the bar’s taste though. Since taste is subjective, you might have to try the flavors out yourself. Personally, I liked these flavors the best: Chocolate Brownie was my definite favourite, followed by Cookies and Cream, and Cinnamon Roll, and then Double Chocolate Chunk. Here’s how the inside of Chocolate Brownie looks like:


Where to Buy Protein Bars

If you’re looking for the best place to buy protein bars, I highly recommend for their low prices, fresh inventory, and cheap world-wide shipping. I’m from Singapore, and ships to Singapore for free (or only S$4 for orders below $40). I use iHerb for all my supplements, and even things like soap, deodorant, salt, nuts, etc. Shipping takes only about a week, and is way cheaper than anything that you could get locally! Tip: Save $10 on your first order at iHerb with this iHerb coupon when checking out: VHW626

2 responses to “Best Protein Bar Review: Which Is The Healthiest Of Them All?”

  1. I love Quest Bars too! I did a review for my clients recently too – and I recommend buying for the TYPE of bar you want too – meal replacement, snack or post workout.

    To make a good decision, you need to check the label:

    The nutritional panel needs to show:
    Protein should be at least half the amount of the bar’s carbohydrates. A bar with 24 gram of carbs would need a minimum of 12 grams of protein.
    Keep fats under 12 grams
    Sugars under 7 grams (although up to 10 grammes is acceptable)
    Snacking? Keep calories under 200 and kilojoules under 830 kJ
    Meal replacement? You’ll need more than 400 calories or 1650 kJ
    Post workout recovery? Aim for 20 grams of protein or more.

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