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Can’t Call Out With The iPhone? How To Fix To The Call Failed Problem with iPhone

I found out that my new iPhone has terrible reception, even in places with supposedly good coverage. It turns out that it’s because of certain settings that I didn’t configure properly. After I changed them, all was good again!

So if your iPhone is like mine and you see “Call Ended” and then “Call Failed” immediately after trying to dial out from your iPhone, even though there’s a good signal (i.e. you can see signal bars, so you are connected to your carrier). Then relax, because there probably is no problem with the phone — you PROBABLY just need to do these 2 steps:

1) Go to Settings > General > Date and Time. Switch off “Set Automatically” and manually select your hometown (the default is Cupertino). If you dont change it, you will not be able to make outgoing calls. But the wierd part is, you will still be able to receive incoming calls. Once done, manually set the date and time, and restart your iPhone. If you want, you can reset the 2 settings to “Set Automatically” again.

2) Next, go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > Switch this to “ON”. Usually with these steps, things should be okay already. If not, you have to turn off “Call Forwarding” and “Call Waiting” as well.

Hope that helps!

Update: For iPhone 3.0 and later, after unlocking you might get no service (in an area you know has good service). In these cases, try turning 3G off, or Push Notifications off.

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  1. Thanks a ton…….!! It works….. :)

  2. works great, thank u

  3. Dear Alvin I purchased a iPhone 4 from London
    Fully unlocked n now I hve tried your method of
    Closing the date n time from automatic to manual
    N also I switched it off from call waiting but to no avail :(
    I’m in India before it was working well today only this happened
    Please help

  4. thanks friend.. it works..

  5. Thanks a Lot Alvin!!!! Muchas Gracias!!!

  6. I bugged out when my Iphone 4 couldnt call out. Tried all listed above and nothing worked. I have Verizon and I opted to call to get my Data Usage which force-dials out and after that I was fine!

  7. Thanks Bro..
    It’s Working

  8. Yay! it worked for me! Thanks!!!

  9. thnx a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt…!!!

  10. Yup !! it worked dude…
    Sometimes Settings->General–>Dual Assist(ON) also helps… 😉
    Thanks BTW !! Keep it up

  11. Thanks Alvin Poh it worked very well !!

  12. Tried everything Alvin please help recently got engaged n I’m nt able to make calls from my IPhone 4 please help..thanks

  13. Thanks a Lot….It worked …..Your awesome…!!

  14. Thanks alot it worked just perfect!!

  15. Thanks a lot!! it worked perfectly and saved me to go to service center…

  16. thank u very much it worked on my i phone 5
    thank you

  17. thank u very much it worked on my i phone 5
    thank you changing date didnot help but off call waiting and forwarding worked.

  18. thanks a lot bro
    all three things to be done
    just awesome

  19. Thanks a lot truly helped.

  20. It worked for two days and again it is back is there anything else tat I can do?
    I’m using an iPhone 4.

  21. Hi thanks for your post, I had the same problem earlier in the day, and by following your instruction my phone started working again

  22. Thanks Alvin. Changing date did not work but cancelling call waiting and forwarding worked. Thanks Man. Had no idea that so many users had a similar problem.

  23. Thanks! finally I can call out from my iphone 5 ~! have to turn off the call waiting function!!

  24. it is really awesome…

    it worked, i was worried about this and decided to go iphone care center……..this tips really worked for me.

    Thanks dear for your wonderful support.


  25. Thanks alot for the help man I am so happy that there was nothing wrong with my Iphone

  26. thank you very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much it worked for me and for all
    wish you good luck and happy times

  27. Great! Thank you very much!

    It also worked for me. I am using Iphone 6.

  28. It’s 2015 and your advice since 2008 still works. You’ve been more help than Apple. You should start your own company, if you haven’t already.

    • Hi Alvin,
      You are life saver! One whole day work, I reset my hp, brought to service provider to change SIM, go nubox check the settings , nothing works! Final solution is to restore !

      I found your site, in 2 minutes, my hp finally can make phone.

      Thanks a million!!

      • Hi Alvin,

        An hour ago, I could make outgoing call but still can’t receive incoming call.
        I tried again your method , just in case I miss read the instruction .
        Oops! Now not only I didn’t manage to fix the incoming call, the outgoing call failed again . Please help.. Mine, is iPhone 5.
        Thanks .

  29. I am Theogene frm Rwanda. Tried these senario but it didn’t work

  30. It doesnt work for my iphone 4s. :(

  31. Help pleasssseeee.

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