Why Do People Recommend Alt-Tab For Task Management?

Now this is something that I don’t get — why do people love alt-tab so much? I have tried using alt-tab, and it seems like it’s much faster to click on the open tasks on the taskbar than to cycle through the alt-tab list, looking for the program that you want. This is similar to Expose, or its Windows equivalent of TopDesk…it sure looks pretty, but it isn’t as fast as just clicking on what window you want to reopen. At least, that’s what I think.

One response to “Why Do People Recommend Alt-Tab For Task Management?”

  1. It’s because when people who are used to alt tab use it, they don’t read the window title captions – they know intuitively that the last used window will be first, and the first keypress of alt tab will move to the second window.

    Also, the taskbar does have a tendency to break/be obscured by other applications, and some people using alternate shells (go litestep!) don’t have a taskbar.

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