October 18

Why Backing Up Your Information and Data is so Important


I just talked to a friend and found out that he survived a HDD crash. Luckily he got his data back, but we should always backup, especially since information/data is so critical to us. You don’t think so? Imagine if you lost all your photographs, all your contacts, all your documents, etc — that’s how important backing up your information/data is.

Here are 3 simple ways of backup, all of which can be bought from any computer store:

1. External HDD (Most common)

Pros: cheapest option, portable
Cons: Need to be committed to perform regular backups since it’s a manual process

2. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Pros: Quite expensive (about USD $200)
Cons: Not portable, requires a power source

This one is probably the best, especially if you do synchronisation regularly. Can be as regularly as hourly backups.

3. Cheap Computer (Alternative to NAS)

On top of as a network backup, you can use it for simple tasks like web surfing or word processing, or as a server, etc. But power usage is higher than a NAS and the wear-and-tear is higher.

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