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Where Is The Best Place to Buy Multivitamins Online in Singapore

June 20, 2013

alive multivitamins review A few weeks ago, I got started on the idea of taking multivitamins, and have been searching for something since then. From my research, there were several promising multivitamin products in the market, but I found myself wanting to try the Alive! Whole Food Energizer multivitamin from Nature’s Way. Part of the attraction was due to the fact that it’s formulation was a lot more comprehensive than typical multivitamins. It seemed promising, and had good reviews, but I would only know whether it would work for me after I tried it, so I decided to get myself a bottle.

Where to Buy Multivitamins in Singapore

The next step I usually take is to look for a retailer that sells it, so I just do a couple of searches online, and found that it cost around USD31.49 for 180 tablets. That seemed reasonable, but I wanted to see if I could get a bottle locally because it would be more convenient, so I popped down into the local Guardian pharmacy, and found it selling a 180 bottle pack for SGD$64.20 (USD$50). So buying my multivitamins online would save me about SGD$13.57 (USD$19) on every bottle!

The place that I ultimately found was, which was very reputable and reliable, and it even had worldwide flat-rate shipping for SGD$4 (up to a maximum order weight limit of 8lbs), so it was a significant amount of savings.

Ordering, Shipping, And Finally Receiving My Order

So just about a week after I placed my order, it arrived! It was packaged nicely, and everything was perfect – except one thing.
Opening up the box

While I was shopping on, I saw a bar of chocolate that I thought I would just throw into my shopping cart, but it didn’t occur to me that this would happen:

Melted chocolate 1

Melted chocolate 2

After freezing it, it was all good again, albeit not in the typical shape of a chocolate bar – it was more of a chocolate disaster now, but nevertheless still as edible.

Thankfully my other items were spared from any meltdowns, and even the multivitamin gummies that I ordered were in good shape. I was half expecting them to melt into a gooey mess after I saw what happened to the chocolate, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Supplements and multivitamins from

Besides supplements and vitamins, also sells other things like condiments and meat rubs. I got myself a pepper corns mill grinder and Mediterranean sea salt mill grinder as well, and they came nicely packaged up as well.

Salt grinder and peppercorn grinder from

Best Place to Get Multivitamins (in Singapore or Anywhere Else)

How much of a discount was this? From my calculations, I saved about SGD$40 than if I were to get my products from stores locally. Would I use again or recommend it to others? Without a doubt. In fact, you can use this coupon code to enjoy a further discount of up to USD$10 off your first purchase at VHW626

What Else Can You Buy Online?

Besides multivitamins, you can also get other supplements, such as:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium supplements
  • Zinc supplements

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