What Does “USPS Arrival At Unit” Mean?

So I’ve been looking at the USPS tracking page for a parcel that’s supposed to arrive, and today I found that it said “Arrival at Unit”. Joy, I thought, because it had finally arrived! I went outside only to find…nothing. Shock and horror followed, as I immediately had imaginations of my parcel being stolen or lost.

usps arrival at unit

Then it occurred to me that maybe “Unit” wasn’t *my* unit. Well, yeah. So it turns out that “Unit” in this case actually means a local USPS post office. You’d think that “Unit” would mean apartment, suite, house, or whatever, but no, it does not. Thanks for the really clear delivery advice USPS! It wasn’t the least bit misleading at all.

To my relief, I got my parcel the very next day, and while I’m glad about it, I’m still not sure why USPS doesn’t change “Arrival At Unit” to “Arrival At Facility” or something less misleading.

Oh wells. At least I got my parcel.

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  1. You must try the South African postal services! Parcels just disappear into limbo, “between” destinations, and that is where they stay. it is so bad that Amazon has only recently started shipping stuff to South Africa again!

    • Man if only, I live in bumfuq nowhere Idaho the closest DC is a USPS facility 75 miles away, Anything I order thats shipped by anything other than USPS. Is shipped to the USPS DC and then enters limbo for a week. Til one day it just appears outside my house in a crumpled mess. Its honestly just faster to have anything just shipped through USPS, because idaho's sorting system is still 20 years behind the rest of the US, so whenever we get a package that uses the new system. Our local Post Office essentially has to commit Reverse engineering of alien technology that would put CSI to shame, to figure out where our packages are supposed to go. ????

  2. Hi Alvin,

    After you received the package,on USPS website tracking result is still arrived at unit or delivered?

    Hope to hear from you

  3. I just went through the same experience, which I followed up with a google search of “what does arrival at unit mean”, which led me here.

  4. I know this is wayyyyyyyyy late and nobody will probably see it…. But what possessed you to think that the USPS delivers mail at 2:50AM???

  5. I think it’s stupid that it takes 3 whole days to get a damn letter to a house 7 miles from me, however, in 3 days they can also get a letter to Georgia!! They just love taking money then screwing with us!!!!

  6. mine says that ten at 9:30 am (arrived at unit at 8:15) it says delivered but nothing was delivered is it at the post office?

    • If that happens here, it means the mail carrier couldn’t find your package in their delivery vehicle when they delivered your
      our other mail. Our carrier always comes back around later that same day to deliver our package.

  7. Thank you for posting this information. I am in an identical situation. My mail in the case is time sensitive, and I needed the item 2 days ago when my insured 2 day item was SUPPOSED to arrive. I even wrote an enail stating “What unit? What does that even mean?” Their service is AWFUL. But that wasn’t bad enough. They had to make tracking a package confusing too.

  8. There is a vast difference between the letter carrier who was out in a blizzard a few days ago and rings our bell when he leaves a package … and the guys in the ‘unit’ who are on perpetual breaks totally oblivious to the twenty people in a cue for the one guy at the counter.

  9. Wow people bitch about this. Not a big deal at All or misleading. You just don’t know your shit! Is this your first online purchase? Delivered is what your looking for babe. I seriously don’t see the point in whining and crying about these kind of things. There’s people who don’t even own a computer so be grateful for what we do have.

  10. I am 10 years late but I checked the SHOP app that I use and it says Arrival at Unit but on map it shows it is at a house, not a post office….. kinda weird unless the map and its current location on said map is incorrect.

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