Microsoft has just recently released its latest phone OS, named Windows Phone 7. What’s interesting is how the multitude of phone OSes such as the iPhone OS, the Blackberry OS, and the Google Android OS has created this environment of competition and innovation. Ultimately though, the winner will be the consumer because of all the newest, latest toys and gadgets that will be in the market.

Because of this, I think brand loyalty does not have the strength that it once has. In the past, people who choose Brand X because Brand X was the leader and that they had a track record of creating good products. Now, there is less that prevents a consumer to switch from one brand to another, especially if the other brand has something cooler and more fun to offer. Just look at Microsoft, Apple, Google, and their products – whoever would have imagined a world where Microsoft would actually face trouble to establish itself in the OS space? As a result, I think past successes play a much smaller part, and that to be continually successful, a company has to innovate…or die.

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