Useful Shortcuts For Windows, Firefox

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I like keyboard shortcuts a lot because it saves my hand from travelling from the keyboard to the mouse and back again. That may sound trivial but when you’re working, that really jars the whole process.

So the thing that was annoying me was how I had to click on the address or URL bar in my browser window. So I went looking for a keyboard shortcut for that and lo and behold, there was one for it! It’s Alt+D or Ctrl+L 🙂 Try it, both works for both Firefox and IE. I prefer Alt+D though, because you can perform that with just one hand.

So that got me stared with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that I should compile here:

Alt+D / Ctrl+L Goes to the Address bar or URL bar in your browser
Ctrl+Click Any link is opened in a new tab
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab window in Firefox or IE
Ctrl+N Opens a new window in Firefox or IE

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