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Ultimate List of Top 80 Sites to Submit Your Startup to Promote It in 2024

April 6, 2024

Top-80-Sites-Submit-Your Startup-Promote-2024

Launching a startup is challenging. Despite many founders having innovative ideas, only a handful successfully execute their vision, assemble a stellar team, generate early traction, and lift their startup off the ground.

From my experience with various startups, a prevalent issue is the disproportionate focus on product development at the expense of marketing. What needs to happen is for startups to have a robust marketing strategy in order to generate traction.

Marc Andreessen echoes this sentiment:

The number one reason that we pass on entrepreneurs we’d otherwise like to back is they’re focusing on product to the exclusion of everything else. Many entrepreneurs who built great products simply don’t have a good distribution strategy. Even worse is when they insist that they don’t need one, or call [their] no distribution strategy a “viral marketing strategy.” – Marc Andreessen

A great startup deserves recognition. Increasing visibility through just one additional journalist, blogger, or investor can significantly impact your startup’s trajectory.

To aid in this, I’ve compiled an extensive list of 80 places to submit your startup for SEO benefits and increased visibility within your industry.

Concerned about SEO and directories?

It’s nuanced.

While my list includes a few directories, most entries are not. I’ve meticulously selected only those with:

  • High domain authority
  • Recent updates (nothing older than a month)
  • Reasonable Alexa rankings (despite its limitations, an unranked site often indicates low traffic)

As Rand Fishkin points out, the blanket statement “directory link building is dead!” misses the mark. It’s not about indiscriminately chasing SEO links but about being listed on relevant web resources that can provide valuable exposure.

So, without further delay, here’s the list of 80 sites to submit your startup, freshly updated as of April 9, 2024.

Directories and Website Listings

10words –

BetaList –

CrozDesk –

All Top Startups –

Alternative To –

App 400 –

Apps Mamma –

App Rater –

Arctic Startup –

Awwwards –

Ebool –

Beta Bound –

Betafy –

Capterra –

Crazy About Startups –

Crunch Base –

DemandCurve –

Discover Cloud –

F6S –

Fiddy –

G2 Crowd –

Getworm –

Inc 42 –

IndieHackers –

Killer Startups –

Land-book –

Launched –

Launching Next –

MakerLog –

Next Big Product –

Next Big What –

Paggu –

Pitchwall –

Postmake –

Product Hunt –

Robingood –

SaaSHub –

Show HN –

SnapMunk –

Slant –

Startup Base –

Startup Beat –

Startup Buffer –

Startup Collections –

Startup Dope –

Stack Share –

Starter Story –

Startup Inspire –

Startup Ranking –

Startup Resources –

Startup Stash –

Startup Tracker –

Startups List –

Techfaster –

Tech Map –

The Startup Pitch –

Venture Beat –

Tech Pluto –

Wip –

Ycombinator –

Slack communities

Standuply –

Techmaster –

Growmance –

Reddit subs

/r/AlphaandBetausers –

/r/advancedentrepreneur –

/r/growmybusiness –

/r/indiebiz –

/r/startup –

/r/RoastMyStartup –

/r/Coupons –

/r/Design_Critiques –

/r/Entrepreneur –

r/EntrepreneurRideAlong –

/r/LadyBusiness –

/r/SideProject –

/r/smallbusiness/ –

r/Startups –

/r/Plugyourproduct/ –

r/Webdesign –

r/Webdev –

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