I bootstrapped a web hosting company when I was 17 years old with no money down, growing it into the largest in Singapore, with tens of thousands of business owners as our raving fans.

On July 2017, I sold my company for S$30 million. It was an overnight success that took 17 years to build.

After I sold the company, I felt strangely lost. I realised that a huge part of my identity was tied with the company, and selling it off had made me lose a part of myself.

I decided to embrace minimalism, sell off all my possessions, and go travel the world. While I was travelling, I had people approach me for mentorship, and I helped them. Over time, I discovered that I was very good at transforming the lives of my mentees, specifically through my business and entrepreneurship advice, perspective, and knowledge.

Next, I spent several months distilling the lessons that I had gone through in my decades of entrepreneurship into the Triple-E Growth Engine.

How Does The Triple-E Growth Engine Work?


The Triple-E Growth Engine is a methodology to systematically grow and scale your business, ethically and efficiently.

Most marketers focus on numbers and the latest traffic techniques. The Triple-E Growth Engine doesn’t, and instead, focuses on what truly matters on a fundamental level.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in lots of hard work, but you’ll be enjoying it. And your customers will be grateful and thankful for you.

One thing that I never liked was sales. I always thought that sales was slimy and pushy and all about using the right closing techniques.

The Triple-E Growth Engine avoids all of that. Selling becomes fun, easy, and something that you look forward to because you’re now providing value to your customers – Value that they actually desire, and want to get from you.

With the Triple-E Growth Engine, you learn how to scale past 7 figures, become the top in your field, and serve a tribe of grateful clients.

This will change your life. I know because it changed mine – this will allow you to have great clients, a sustainable business, and increased profits.

Read on, and see if you can benefit from the Triple-E Growth Engine.

Are You Suitable For The Triple-E Growth Engine?

If you’re part of who can benefit from Triple-E Growth Engine, these points will describe you:

  • You’ve put in the hard work to grow your business from nothing to 6-figures
  • You find that growing your business is difficult and is getting more difficult week by week
  • Your business is doing 6-figures but you’re not feeling successful at all
  • You are starting to drag your feet to the office and replying clients
  • You’re marketing your company the way all the online articles tell you to, but you’re tired
  • You don’t know where your next client will come from
  • You want more revenue, but dread having more clients
  • You have less of a life the more your business grows

If this describes you, then read on.

I’ve designed the Triple-E Growth Engine so that you can have a business that gives you happiness and has a real impact on your clients.

What Is The Triple-E Growth Engine?

The Triple-E Growth Engine strips away all that is unnecessary and focuses on the essentials – one of my core life philosophies. The three components of the Triple-E Growth Engine are designed to create a steady flow of committed clients for you so that you can serve them to the best of your abilities.

1. Triple-E Growth Engine: Envision

The first component is ENVISION. Entrepreneurs and business owners have always been told that marketing is a cold and ruthless game of numbers. The more numbers you have, the better.

FALSE! That’s not efficient. Think about it: I can send you 100,000 visitors to your ice cream business, but if they are all people who are lactose-intolerant, you’re going to find that you’re not going to get much, or any, sales (does this remind you of your recent Facebook ad campaigns?).

I don’t believe in transactional businesses. I know that businesses, just like everything we do, are run by people, and if that’s the case, then how we run our business should be no different from how we behave every day as individuals.

I’ll show you how the power of ENVISIONING can connect you with people that love your message and product/service, and how this will translate into an insane level of results for your business. You might even be surprised at how common advice doesn’t necessarily work for you.

2. Triple-E Growth Engine: Execute

Only after you’ve done the first step can you move on to the next step, which is EXECUTE. One of the worst things that I hate is excess and inefficiency. That’s why I’ve been absolutely ruthless in my businesses to optimise, automate, and eliminate processes whenever I can.

This increases your throughput and productivity, allowing you to scale up because you now no longer have the constraints that you used to have. 

It’s like a sprinter who weighs 30kg extra. I give you the tools and know-how so that your business can shed all this extra fat. You’ll be able to train and perform at your optimal levels.

This transforms your business from something you work in into something you work on. Your business becomes a well-oiled machine, allowing you to focus on strategy and growth.

3. Triple-E Growth Engine: Empower

The third component is EMPOWER. Scaling up a business in a sustainable manner requires that your team knows what you’re thinking, and acts together in a concerted effort.

How you find and attract the right talent to join you is the first step. You want A-players on your team, but this might not necessarily be what you think A-players are. I show you the common fallacies of hiring, and get you to focus on a hiring process that will give you an A-star team.

Once you have an A-start team, you’ll no longer have to worry about HR issues that bog down the whole team, and which you spend your entire day fire-fighting about. 

After you have your A-star team, the next step is to empower them to perform not just at the best of their own individual abilities, but together as a team. When you can do that, you’ll harness exponentially more powerful growth as a result.

Implement The Triple-E Growth Engine For Your Business


Not everyone can benefit from the Triple-E Growth Engine, and everyone will need a different implementation strategy, so it’s not a mass-market solution.

I like working with action-takers who are providing a service that adds value to their customers’ lives. If you are interested in implementing the Triple-E Growth Engine, I offer a paid mentorship that spans 12 months where I work with you personally on a 1-on-1 basis.

If you’re an online entrepreneur who:

  • is looking to build a better business
  • want better quality clients
  • want a better relationship with your clients
  • want to maximise your profits

Then the Triple-E Growth Engine might be able to help you. Send in an application and I will review it to see if you are a fit.

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