5 Things That Will Instantly Transform New Employees Into High-Performers

Transform New Employees Into High-Performers

It’s an uphill struggle to even find the right candidate, much less how to transform new employees into high-performers. Looking for someone to fill a role can take weeks to months – and that’s if you’re lucky!

Transform New Employees Into High-Performers

I know I spent weeks and months trying to fill roles. Sometimes there’s a pressing need for talent, so every passing day feels like a wasted opportunity.

Once you do find someone and hire them, isn’t it then time to break out the champagne and take a break?

Not so fast. Hiring someone is not the end of your duties as the boss. In fact, it’s just the beginning. The onboarding process is something that very critical to empowering your new employees, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

One of the greatest things that you can do in the onboarding stage is to explain the “Why” to your new employee. When you do this, it helps your new employees connect the “Why” to the “What” that they are doing.

You’ll need to explain these 5 things to your new employees.

1. Explain Your Vision of The Company

Don’t expect people to be mind-readers. You need to tell your team why your company exists and what is your vision for the company.

This is especially important for new employees. Tell them what your company’s vision is, your company’s value proposition, and how your company is different from your competitors.

2. Explain The Relationship To External Stakeholders

Next, you’ll need to connect the new employee in this grand vision of yours. Walk your employees through their job responsibilities, and show them how their efforts matter to your customers.

The stronger that you can paint this picture, the greater the feeling of connection that your new employees will have.

This gives your employees a clear idea of why they’re doing the tasks they’re doing.

3. Explain The Relationship To Internal Stakeholders

A role in a company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are other roles, oftentimes in other departments, that depend on that role.

This is clear to management and to the boss, but not as clear if you’re an employee.

For example, it’s hard for Engineering to think from Finance’s point-of-view when Finance isn’t approving new hardware purchases. It’s much easier and much more common that people think everyone else is just trying to give them a hard time.

4. Explain Their Responsibilities

Don’t assume that doing all of the above is sufficient. Your new employees need to know how exactly to do their roles.

This is where you need to explain your expectations, and check that they understand and agree to them.

Once that’s done, you can have a system of checking in every few weeks to ensure that things are moving along smoothly. This is typically done with a monthly pulse, or a monthly review.

This gives your new employees an avenue to feedback their thoughts about their work as well, and to raise any concerns that they might have.

5. Explain Why They Were Chosen

This is a great opportunity to show your new employees that they weren’t just chosen out of desperation or luck. Tell them the exact reasons why they were ultimately chosen from the list of dozens of candidates.

If you have done your Job Description well, this point should be easy to pinpoint.

Every employee will appreciate this, because you’re praising them for attributes that they uniquely have. This reinforces why they’re a great fit for the role, and gives them validation to perform well at their role.

Transform New Employees Into High-Performers

Doing the 5 things above will set you apart from others, and most importantly, really empower your new employee hires. After all, you don’t want just random individuals in your team. You want high-performers who are effective and productive, and who are working together with you towards your company’s vision.

Does this help you? Let me know in the comments!

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