I was just reading in the papers about the decision of Wal-Mart dropping HD DVD for Blu-ray, and wondering what the impact of that would be. I guess I found out. Toshiba has just officially announced the discontinuation of its high-definition video format, HD DVD, after numerous bigwigs such as Wal-Mart, Netflix, Best Buy and many others abandoned HD DVD for Sony’s Blu-ray.

It appears that Wal-Mart was the final straw. With no major players backing up its format, Toshiba could only admit defeat. HD DVD was the first to appear on the market, and is cheaper by a margin, but it appears that Blu-ray wins out. It’s not a bad thing, because Blu-ray is technologically more superior. In any case, it’s still a fact that is made even clearer after this episode that the majority of consumers will create enormous market forces that can make or break a new technology or format.

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