The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS 3g Unrestrictor Review – Use Skype Over 3G Instead of Over Wifi

Joy! Skype is finally on the iPhone — but if you’re thinking of using Skype on a 3G or data plan, then you’re outta luck, UNLESS…you’re using the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS 3g Unrestrictor.

The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS 3g Unrestrictor is a handy app that is only for people who have jailbroken their iPhones, because it’s only available via the Cydia app (which you only can get working after you jailbreak your iPhone). This workaround is not free though – it costs a measly $2, which is so worth it, because after you install this, ANY app that previously will only use a Wifi connection and not a 3G connection will now obediently work without any problems.

The only reason why I can think Apple barred this from their official app store is because of the hit on carrier revenues this will bring. If everyone can use Skype for their phone calls anywhere, then they can theoretically pay a flat fee of $40 (the cost of the data plan every month), and then the carrier can forget about getting any overages on minutes or international calls, because everything will be handled through Skype (or Fringo or any other VOIP phone app).

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  • the Apple Iphone 3GS is the most advanced and powerful Iphone yet. The “S” stands for speed.Thats right,the new iphone will be faster than the original iphone 3G. It will not be cheaper.

  • The 16gb Iphone 3gs will be 199.99 with a 2 year contract.The quality of the new iphone,will be excellent. A whole bunch of new features,that will make it a “need to get it” phone. Pre orders were being taken by apple and att stores.

  • Now that the iphone 3gs is coming out on the 19th of this month the normal iphone 3g prices have dropped to $99 in the USA i think so he maybe confused and thinking that a new cheap one is out when it is just the original iphone 3g…

  • There are other free apps in Cydia that allow you to use 3G for certain apps, including Apple’s App Store app, instead of requireing WiFi.

    I’ve used once before but forgot what it was. Been a while since I jb’ed my iPhone.

  • Great information!!! Thanks for helping me out

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