April 11

The Best, and Loudest Alarm Clock Invention – The Screaming Meanie Review


I have trouble waking up, so I need an alarm clock that’s a little more effective than your average clock. So I did some sourcing around, saw a few promising ones, but finally settled on this….


Screaming Meanie Best Loudest Alarm ClockJust the name alone will strike fear into any sane person! The Screaming Meanie has two versions, the Screaming Meanie 110 and the Screaming Meanie 220. The 110 offers just a timer function, while the 220 offers the alarm clock functionality.

So why do I say that the Screaming Meanie is the best alarm clock? Well it’s loud, for one. It offers 3 modes (low @ 70dB, medium @ 95dB, high @ 120dB) and high is crazily loud — like a fire alarm or something close to that. It’s 120dB! If you still don’t get up with that alarm, your neighbours will guarantee that you’ll wake up. Personally, I put it to medium, because putting it on high just leaves my ears ringing. The great thing is that the alarm is continuous! It isn’t like those alarms that, for some reason, turn themselves off automatically after X minutes. The Screaming Meanie just goes on and on until you turn it off.

Another great point is that it’s portable. It’s small, lightweight and battery powered (by a 9V battery), so don’t have to search for a power outlet or carry around wires. This is important to me because I only use one alarm, so it HAS to work. Even with clocks that plug in to the mains, you still have to worry about the power tripping. With the Screaming Meanie, it comes with a built-in battery tester so you know when to change the battery, so you can be assured that you’ll wake up without fail.

I chose the Screaming Meanie over other super-loud alarm clocks because with other alarm clocks, you can just hit a button and oversleep, but with the Screaming Meanie, you have to press three different buttons at the same time to turn off the alarm. So you pretty much have to be awake to do it because it takes both hands.

On top of the alarm function, the Screaming Meanie also has a useful countdown timer function. This is probably great for travelers because you simply set the number of hours and minutes you want to sleep for, without worrying about the local time. Instructions for the Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock are printed on the back, so you’ll always have the instructions handy. Plus, it’s easy to read the time or set the alarm in the dark because of its backlit display.

The thought and effort that went into designing this as an effective alarm clock really impressed me, and I highly recommend this to be the alarm clock for anyone who has trouble waking up. I got my Screaming Meanie at Amazon for around $32, and it’s the best $32 that I’ve spent.

* 6 X. 2.38 X .75 inches
* 4.1 ounces excluding battery, 5.6 ounces with battery installed

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  1. As a fast-pitch softball umpire, I bought one to use for games. I loved the loud alarm, but I had to stop using it after two weeks — in timing a 1:15 (one hour, 15 minute) game, the timer was consistently off, sounding 34 seconds early every time, causing complaints and confusion from coaches using their smartphones to also track the time of the game. Has anyone else noticed that it doesn’t keep good time?

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