Toastmasters Table Topic Ideas for Impromptu Speaking – Fortune Cookie

For this idea, the Tabletopics master should prepare a jar of fortune cookies. He/she can either buy ready-made fortune cookies or even bake them personally! The idea is to have each Table Topics participant pick out a fortune cookie out of the jar, and give their table topic speech on the fortune that they selected. Suggest that they can either talk about the fortune, or say how the fortune applies to them.

Toastmaster Table Topic Ideas for Impromptu Speaking – Talking From Pictures

This is a great idea. In our club, table topics are usually written topics on a piece of paper, but I thought, “Why don’t we use pictures for a change?” So I found some pictures off the Internet, and assigned a number to each of them. I had the table topics speakers come up and pick a number, and the appropriate picture would be flashed on screen for them to talk about. They were supposed to describe what they think

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Toastmaster Table Topic Ideas for Impromptu Speaking – Christmas Gifts

This table topic theme is great for Christmas-themed chapter meetings nearer the end of the year – not only is it fun, it helps bond members together by making their gift exchanges a really memorable one! Here’s how it goes: A member picks a wrapped gift from under the ‘tree’ (or it could be any item, you could use a couch or podium), or steals one from another member. Then the member has to explain why he or she thinks

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Toastmasters Table Topic Ideas for Impromptu Speaking – Crazy Colours

On small slips of paper write out some unusual or very descriptive colors (day-glo orange, pea green, flamingo pink etc), and on each slip, write down a question along the lines of: Tell us why you plan to paint your house this color Explain why all your clothes this summer will be in this color Tell the person to your right why he/she should buy a car in this color. Ask a Table Topics respondent to pick a slip and

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