How To Fix Iphone Problem With No Sound

If your iPhone has a problem with the sound where you could still make phone calls, but only with the headset plugged in, then you might be facing this problem. This was exactly what I was facing, and here’s what I did in more detail:

First of all, if this is the same problem as what I had, here’s what you’re probably facing with your iPhone:

  1. Your iPhone speakerphone is fine
  2. Your iPhone can still ring
  3. Your iPhone ONLY has no sounds when you’re texting, using the slider to unlock the phone, playing music or videos, sms or phone alerts.

If that is the case, then you’ll be glad to know that most of the time, it’s NOT a problem with your iPhone, but just dust in the headphone jack. That’s what’s causing the sound to work for only some cases, as per the list above.

The solution? Simply take a deep breath and give your headphone jack a good blow, then try again. Alternatively, twist the corner of a piece of toilet paper, tissue paper, or paper towel, and wiggle that in the headphone jack to clean it out.

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