Backing Up Outlook Mail, Mail Folders, Rules and Email Accounts

When you want to, or have to change computers, migrating your data is the worst part if you don’t really have an existing backup plan. One important program for me is Outlook, and to back it up fully, I have to ensure that I don’t leave out any of these:


1. Mail and mail folders

I have a long list of mail folders that I use to organise my mail, and I want to preserve its folder structure, as well as any mails under them.

To save my mail and mail folders, I use: Personal Folders Backup

2. Email accounts

I have more than 5 email accounts easily, and making sure that I have everything backed up properly saves me time whenever I have to move to a new computer system.

To save my mail and mail folders, I use a custom batch file that saves my email accounts to a registry file that I can just merge into a new computer’s system: export-outlook-accounts.bat

The problem with that is that the passwords aren’t saved, so if you have several passwords that you use and have forgotten, use the following program to view all your Outlook mail passwords first: MailPasswordViewer.zip

3. Email rules

To maintain a sense of sanity, rules help me automatically sort my mail, and have tonnes of rules that I want to keep. Backing this up is easy, as you can do so within the Rules Wizard under the Tools menu in Outlook.

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