Samsung i780 versus Apple iPhone

To cut a long story short, I sold off my Samsung i780 for an Apple iPhone. I bought the Samsung i780 at SGD680, and sold it off for SGD480. It was 3 months old, but in great condition, and I hated to see it go. So that’s a SGD200 loss. Verdict? I love the iPhone. It’s gorgeous and user-friendly as hell. After getting it, I realised how clunky the Windows Mobile interface was. It just isn’t intuitive as the iPhone’s,

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How To Convert PDF to Doc with Free Software Download

I use a Treo 650 smartphone, and it’s been one of the best investments that I’ve made because of how it has allowed me to make use of idle time to read. With so much to read and so little time, every moment counts, and I love reading ebooks on my Treo. There’s no need to carry around an extra book, because everything is loaded in the memory of my Treo, and there’s no worry about low light because I

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