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Ideal Typing Postures


In the ideal typing posture, muscle loads are minimized. This posture is achieved when the keyboard is below seated elbow height and the keyboard base is gently sloped away from the user so that the keys are accessible to the hands in a neutral posture. In this position the arms, shoulders, neck and back can relax, especially during brief rest pauses. Also, in this slightly reclined sitting...

Ergonomic Tips on Healthy Laptop Usage


Laptops are getting really pervasive. It used to be that laptops were the exclusive tools of the rich, or busy business people. These days, almost everyone owns a laptop. The problem with a laptop, however, is that it isn’t ergonomic – in fact, most people use their laptops in a way that will cause health problems. I suffered from a stiff neck and backaches before I decided that I...

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