Best Gaming Mouse Pad – The SteelSeries SX Mouse Pad Review

I had a cloth SteelSeries mouse pad, and it was the cheapest gaming mouse pad around, but then it started feeling very rough and I decided that it was time for me to search for a new one. After looking around, it was clear that the best gaming mouse pad seemed to be the SteelSeries SX, and so I decided to get one for myself to evaluate if this was really true. SteelSeries SX Gaming Mouse Pad First Thoughts When

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Razer Orochi Bluetooth Mouse Review (For MacBook Pro & Windows)

I was a Windows user for almost 20 years. First with MS-DOS, and progressing till Windows XP, I decided to make the switch to a Mac, and with it, made the choice to go completely wireless with my keyboard and mouse. At first, I decided to keep it all under one roof and get an Apple bluetooth keyboard and Apple bluetooth mighty mouse, but I ended up being disgusted with the might mouse’s performance and feel, and only kept the

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An Affordable Professional Mouse Pad – The SteelSeries QCK Mouse Pad Review

I never saw the need for mouse pads – after all, my mouse worked perfectly on my table-top. Or so I thought. Turns out though, that mouse pads may be a good idea even though your mouse can track well without it, because otherwise, your desk surface will probably get worn out. Just look at my table surface below. You can see the area is showing signs of wear, which isn’t very significant, but spoils how my table looks. One

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