How to Fix The Problem of Avira Antivir “Always Ignore” Option Not Working

I use Avira Antivir, and sometimes it detects and flags files that I want it to ignore. When this happens I usually choose the “Always ignore” option, but for some reason, the “Always ignore” works only for the current session. I.e. if the scanner scans the file again, it’ll prompt me about it again.

avira antivir

This is probably a design choice, but raises the question of: What’s the difference between “ignore” and “always ignore” then?

After being prompted about the same file for 3 times, I decided to delve into this further, and found that Avira Antivir actually has a file exception list. To get to this list, just right-click on Antivir’s icon in your system tray (the lower right corner of your screen), choose “Configure Antivir”, tick on the “Expert mode” option, and then click on Guard > Scan > Exception. You can add the file/folder that you want to ignore in this list.

Do the same for the Scanner option (Scanner > Scan > Exceptions)

Now Antivir shouldn’t be complaining about the files that you want to always ignore.

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