Best Air Miles Credit Card For Frequent Fliers in Singapore

I’ve been looking around at air miles credit card in Singapore, and I’ve finally found what I think is the best air miles credit card in Singapore. If you’re a frequent flier, or hope to be one, then this is probably the best for you. The following table (scroll left/right) details the top three mile cards that I’ve found.

The best is ANZ Travel Visa Signature, but only if your monthly spend is below S$4000. Above that, you should go for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature. I’ve also skipped over the American Express (AMEX) cards…….because what’s the point of a great-earning AMEX air miles card if you can’t use it at 99% of the places that you go to.

Comparison of Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore

RankAir Miles Credit CardAir Miles Earning Rate (Local)Air Miles Earning Rate (Overseas)Miles upon Card Renewal Principal/Supplementary Card FeePerksConversion FeeAir Miles Validity
1ANZ Travel Visa Signature1.4/S$12.8/$1 (Promo rate)12000 (S$0.017 for 1 mile)S$200/S$100
  1. Free airport lounge access (SATS Premier Club, SATS Rainforest Lounge)
  2. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  3. Free priority pass
S$25 (min 28000 miles)5 years
2DBS Altitude Visa Signature1.2/S$1 (First S$2000 spend)
1.6/$1 (S$2001 onwards)
2.4/$1 (Promo rate. Min S$3000 overseas spend. Max S$8000)10000 (S$0.019 for 1 mile)S$192.60/S$93.60
  1. Feed at Raffles (FAR) card (Cost: $192.60/year)
  2. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  3. Free priority pass
S$42.80/yr whenever you want to convert (can be cancelled thereafter)No expiry
3Citibank Premiermiles Visa Signature1.2/S$12/S$110000 (S$0.019 for 1 mile)S$192.60/Free
  1. Free travel insurance (max S$1m)
  2. Free priority pass
S$25No expiry
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