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Cool Inventions To Protect Your Valuables


I love browsing through Amazon.com because you never know what you’ll come across. Like this bunch of really cool inventions that help protect your valuables in the most ingenious ways. Just look at the hidden wall safe that looks like a power outlet – who would think to unscrew this and look inside? Or the can of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail that’s actually a safe? Maybe if the...

Protect Your Wireless Network with MAC Address Filtering…A Bad Idea


To secure your wireless network, you can use a variety of means, and one of which is by selecting only what MAC addresses are allowed. This is known as MAC filtering, and it can serve as a basic deterrent against most opportunistic attackers. However, just using MAC filtering alone will probably be a bad idea. It doesn’t take much determination or knowledge at all to spoof a MAC address. In...

More Cool Inventions! Top USB gadgets and Cool USB Toys


USB has always fascinated me — it’s amazing how you can transfer both data and power through USB. And many companies have leveraged on that to create some really cool inventions! Just check these USB gadgets that I found..some of them are positively zany – like the USB Chameleon, while some can really promise serious fun, like the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher! I think they...

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