December 15

Starhub 3G Mobile Broadband Internet Settings


It’s possible to buy a wireless router, and share your 3G mobile broadband connection. This is great for people on the move and need to share an 3G internet connection.

It’s also great if you have a small office or a small network setup, and want an ad-hoc network, or want a backup to your landed cable/DSL/fibre connection.

I’m not sure about the other carriers/ISPs, but the settings for Starhub are:

Connection/APN name: StarHub Internet
Access point name: shwapint
Username: None
Password: None
Authentication: Normal
DNS 1:
DNS 2:

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  1. Hi Alvin

    for Starhub setting, is the access point name the same for all mobile broadband ? by the way which brand of 3G wireless router are you using ?
    Thanks for your help in advance

    Connection/APN name: StarHub Internet
    Access point name: shwapint
    Username: None
    Password: None
    Authentication: Normal

  2. Hi Alvin,

    I think the mobile broadband works wonder for pple who are constantly on the move… but the feedbacks on the connection were really bad, do you have any bad experience on the connection with starhub mobile broadband? and what’s the internet speed you have subscribed?

    1. fraid not, because it wasn’t mine actually. i just helped a friend set it up. i think i heard that they were offering monthyl contracts, so if that’s true, u could give that a shot and see how the connection is

  3. Hello Alvin, but most router's do not have a USB port and the Starhub Mobile Broadband modem is an USB interface. How can I connect the SMB to the router?

  4. You'll need a 3G router for this to work. Alternatively, using a device with a 3G card or a device such as an android-based device that allows you to connect to the network should work too

  5. Hello Alvin, I have a Huawei USB Modem from Celcom, how do I set the Starhub settings & can I buy Internet Top Up SIM and use it on the Celcom modem, by settings on the proram manager?

    1. I’m not sure about the individual devices, but there should be an admin panel (read the manual that came with your device), and that place will allow you to set it up according to the APN settings above.

  6. Hi, i got a USB dongle(Huawei E1550) from Starhub but my sim card is singtel. I can’t seem to register singtel network on the dongle. I have unblock the sim card pin however still cannt register network with singtel. can you advise me? is it that i must unlock my HUAWEI E1550 code?

    Please send the reply to my email [email protected] ;thanks

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