Star Wars Science The Force Trainer
This is a great idea! The Star Wars Science The Force Trainer was just released, and it’s pretty innovative. This toy comes in 2 parts – an air chamber with a ball, which acts as the receiver, and a separate headset which senses your alpha and beta brainwaves and transmits this information to the receiver. By measuring your brainwave activity, it controls the airflow to the ball, and increases or decreases the height that it’s at.

The Star Wars Science Force Trainer is made by Uncle Milton, check out their video here (taken when the unit was still a prototype):

Now it’s in production, and voices are by Yoda, and will guide you through 15 levels of mind mastery, from Padawan to Jedi Master, and you’ll have to move the ball in different ways. I’d imagine that the Star Wars sound and voice effects are a great way of confirming your accomplishments and provides encouragement throughout your training.

You can get this toy for your kid brother or cousin, but I’ll bet that you’ll be playing with it once you get the wrapping off. Get the Star Wars Science The Force Trainer here!

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