Small Plastic Travel Bottles Used For Gym, Travel, Shampoo, Etc

I’m leaving for a trip to taiwan this Monday! To Taipei in particular, and I’ll be away for 7 days 😀

I’m in the midst of packing now, and I realised how useful these bottles are. I got these plastic bottles a few weeks back, but only got to using them now. I’ve transferred my shampoo and body foam into them, and it’s really very handy because they’re so small and light. Compared to the original shampoo bottles which are big and bulky, these small plastic bottles are a godsend!

Small plastic bottle

I like it that they’re using a screw-top lid too, because the shops that I visited only had flip-top lids, and I didn’t really feel safe with having flip-top lids in my bag, just in case they might leak. It’s also squeezable — another plus point!

Oh, I didn’t get these bottles from a shop, I bought them online at this website selling small plastic bottles. They have a few sizes available and containers too, but I only got a couple of the 3 oz bottles to test out, and they’re great! I’ll probably buy more to keep around after I get back from my trip.

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