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SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB Mini/Micro/Nano Flash Drive Review

I have an in-car audio system that comes with a USB port, and so I wanted to check if there was a thumb drive or flash drive on the market that had a smaller profile. Lo and behold, there was such a flash drive, and it was the SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive. Small, even nano sized, this flash drive comes with different capacities, and I chose a 8GB one.

sandisk cruzer fit flash drive

When I opened up the packaging and handled it, I was so surprised by it that I was showing it to people around me. The build quality is superb, and looks very sturdy. The problem with such a small flash drive is that it becomes very hard to take out from your computer, so sometimes I felt that a loop hold or something would help things a bit. SanDisk designed the flash drive to have a little lip, but that hardly helps you when you are trying to pull out the flash drive from your computer.

Nevertheless, it fit my needs perfectly because I wanted a super small flash drive. No issues with performance (it’s a SanDisk flash drive after all), and I love the size. Get the SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive from Amazon today.

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