Samsung i780 (Touchscreen Windows Mobile 6 Device) Review

My Palm Treo 650 finally gave up the ghost, so I have to search for its replacement, and it came in the form of the new Samsung i780. It’s a sleek, black touch-screen Windows Mobile 6 device, and the first thing I realised is how slim it is compared to my old Treo!

My first day with it was absolutely horrible though — I hated the default Windows Mobile interface. It felt clunky, things loaded slowly, and it looked ugly. So I went around searching for a solution, and found it in the freeware interface, PointUI.

After I installed it, the Samsung i780 felt so much snappier and easier to use. Just check out the video of the PointUI interface on my Samsung i780:

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6 comments On Samsung i780 (Touchscreen Windows Mobile 6 Device) Review

  • hi dude,
    not sure if u will actually see and reply this but im new to windows mobile and i just got a i780.
    was looking ard for help to make the phone interface same as the one in your youtube vid.
    u mentioned to go but think the files arnt available u happen to be able to help?

    just asking.thanks for your time =))

  • ah……..i deleted mine, because I switched to an iPhone, but I managed to find some online. Here’s one:

  • thanks for the help!
    forgive my ignorance but do i just install it on the phone directly?will it cause an problems?
    do i need to install realvga or somethg?
    cause browsing through all the forums sure made me confused.
    first time using a WM device so pardon my ignorance!

    thanks in advance! =)

  • yep! that’s what i remember doing. u just have to transfer that file to your WM device, and run it from your phone…it’ll install from then. If i recall correctly, I didn’t install realvga

  • alright!hope it works on my set!
    thanks for you help dude =)

  • how can i find Mac Address Samsung i780…???
    Please help me….

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