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Roboform’s got to be one of the most frequently used software on my system. I love it because it saves me soooo much time! I discovered Roboform accidentally after seeing my friend using it. And after giving it a shot myself, I’ve even upgraded to the Pro version!

But why is it so useful? Because what used to be so stressful and take loads of work and effort now becomes effortlessly! Roboform helps me to fill up any forms that I come across instantly with my data — so registrations for any new sites is so simple and quick!

Have you ever come across those lengthy registration forms and thought to yourself — “not again!”? Well, Roboform fills in forms with just one click!

Roboform’s also a great way to protect yourself from keyloggers, especially if you’re more susceptible to them. How it does this is simple — keyloggers log your keystrokes right? But Roboform allows you to login to website with just one click of your mouse button, so there AREN’T any keystrokes to log.

With its password management features, Roboform also allows me to store all my usernames and passwords in one handy place — so I just need to remember one master password to access all of my other different passwords. Also, whenever I come across a login box, Roboform actually knows the different profiles to that site — so I can login to both my Hotmail accounts with Roboform by choosing the correct account that I want from the handy list that Roboform gives!

I have so many usernames and passwords, and sometimes some places even have an account number instead. I would have gone crazy already if it weren’t for Roboform.

And don’t even think about the inbuilt password managers in your browsers. They can’t compare to Roboform in terms of ease-of-use, convenience, security and ease-of-backup!

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