I recently installed Notepad++. It’s a great text editor for Windows, and having come from PSPad, I’d say the best draw of Notepad++ is it’s theme capabilities and the plugins. You can have Textmate themes for Notepad++ easily, and it looks so much better!

There was a slight problem with my Notepad++ installation that screwed up all my defaults icons for php, txt, xml, css files, etc. After MUCH fiddling around (unsuccessfully), in regedit and in Explorer, I got really annoyed. I was toying around with the PHP file values first, because I figured that if I could get those to work, I could replicate what I did for the other file formats that Notepad++ handled. So, I decided to just delete the DefaultIcon register key folder and the IconHandler registry key folder for all the PHP file values.

And voila. It worked!

I did the same for all of the other file formats/extensions, and it worked straight away 😀 Oh, you might want to use TweakUI’s function to refresh icons to see your changes instantly. To refresh icons in TweakUI, just go to TweakUI > Repair > Refresh Icons. You can get TweakUI here.

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