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Problem with Icons Showing Up Properly in Windows

I recently installed Notepad++. It’s a great text editor for Windows, and having come from PSPad, I’d say the best draw of Notepad++ is it’s theme capabilities and the plugins. You can have Textmate themes for Notepad++ easily, and it looks so much better!

There was a slight problem with my Notepad++ installation that screwed up all my defaults icons for php, txt, xml, css files, etc. After MUCH fiddling around (unsuccessfully), in regedit and in Explorer, I got really annoyed. I was toying around with the PHP file values first, because I figured that if I could get those to work, I could replicate what I did for the other file formats that Notepad++ handled. So, I decided to just delete the DefaultIcon register key folder and the IconHandler registry key folder for all the PHP file values.

And voila. It worked!

I did the same for all of the other file formats/extensions, and it worked straight away ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh, you might want to use TweakUI’s function to refresh icons to see your changes instantly. To refresh icons in TweakUI, just go to TweakUI > Repair > Refresh Icons. You can get TweakUI here.

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1 thought on “Problem with Icons Showing Up Properly in Windows”

  1. Notepad++ sure is great to use, as it quickly turns standard code into code that has colored sections and group parenthesis shown clearly. Windows would probably benefit from having regular Notepad have the functionality that Notepad++ has, so that people don’t have to download it, but it might not be the thing to do since many computer users aren’t programmers.

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