PostAffiliate Pro vs iDevAffiliate Review – Which to Affiliate Tracking Script Choose?

A project that I’m exploring requires an affiliate management system, and I set off looking for one suitable for the task. It had to be stand-alone and must not have an on-going subscription. I found the top 3 affiliate scripts after looking around, and they were iDevAffiliate 6, PostAffiliate Pro 4 and JEM. All programs seem to have the same basic features – for e.g. all 3 affiliate programs offer pay-per-sale(%), pay-per-sale (flat rate payout), pay-per-click (unique visitors) and pay-per-lead tracking. All 3 programs generate link codes automatically, and allows for unlimited text links and banners ads.

iDevAffiliate 6 Review

idevaffiliate screenshot

iDevAffiliate 6 is one of the best affiliate scripts in terms of value when you compare features versus price, and is what made me choose this system to go with in the end.

Integration is comprehensive, with many carts supported. Even if the eCommerce system that you’re using is not officially supported, that’s fine too, because you can just use pixel tracking, which practically 100% of systems will support. One advanced feature that iDevAffiliate offers is a security feature that does triple redundancy tracking for you, with IP/Cookie/Session checks. This cuts down on any false or repeated affiliate sales for you.

Installation was easy, and after everything was done, I just had to go through the various configurations through my control panel, and make sure everything was setup right. It was a painless, step-by-step process and there were categories that allowed me to upload the marketing material that I had. I had a requirement for the commissions to be delayed, and iDevAffiliate also supports this out of the box.

However, what drew me to iDevAffiliate is the SEO Links module, which is a strong point of iDevAffiliate. It’s easy to install, and what this does is to make the links of your affiliates point to your website in a search engine friendly way, giving you referrals AND link juice. You can get this through an add-on ($99.99) or by buying the Platinum license. If you’re serious about your affiliate program, I highly recommend getting this module. iDevAffiliate is easy to set up, and manage. Overall, it’s very pleasant to use and my top choice if you are looking for a full-featured affiliate program that’s simple to manage. Get iDevAffiliate 6 here.

  • Standard license: $99.99 one-off
  • Gold license: $199.99 one-off
  • Platinum license: $299.99 one-off
  • Hosted Standard license: $29.99/month
  • Hosted Gold license: $39.99/month
  • Hosted Platinum license: $49.99/month

Visit: iDevAffiliate 6

Latest 2013 Update: This is the latest code for 2013. Use the code “10offplatinum2013” (without quotes) and get 10% off your order of iDevAffiliate!

PostAffiliate Pro 4 Review

post affiliate pro 4 screenshot

The most comparable to iDevAffiliate in terms of features, PostAffiliate Pro is in it’s 4th version and is owned by Quality Unit, a company based in Slovakia. They claim to offer 24/5 support (phone/live chat/email) but I found that they took quite a while to reply to my emails.

One of the features that PostAffiliate Pro 4 offers that iDevAffiliate does not is what they term as “split commissions”. I’m not sure if I’d ever use this, but what this feature does is split the commission if two or more affiliates are involved in a sale.

PostAffiliate Pro isn’t without it’s quirks though – some things that I found were that when affiliates sign up through PostAffiliate Pro, they would get a thank you message without much else. So the new affiliate would be at the Thank You page, not having his login details nor instructions on what to do next. In the backend, an email would have been sent to them, but there was no reference to this happening.

I’d say that the biggest failing of PostAffiliate Pro 4 is that it offers simply too much features that just add complexity to the system and its configuration. That, plus it’s higher prices, make it less attractive than iDevAffiliate. Here are the PostAffiliate Pro 4 prices:

  • Xpress owned license: $199 one-off
  • Xpress leased license: $119 one-off
  • Professional owned license: $299 one-off
  • Professional leased license: $219 one-off
  • Ultimate owned license: $999 one-off
  • Ultimate leased license: N/A
  • Hosted: Multiple plans available

Visit: PostAffiliate Pro 4 JEM Review

jrox jem screenshot

Extremely expensive and feature-overloaded for someone who just wants an affiliate management system, the new version of JEM isn’t just an affiliate system (nor can you just buy that component), but instead comes as a complete ecommerce system featuring a shopping cart, mailing list manager, affiliate system, content management system and help desk. JEM previously had a stand-alone affiliate script, but it looks like things have recently changed, which is why some people are still talking about JEM as an affiliate script. If you ask me, I think they made a wrong choice in bundling everything together because it immediately alienates them from people who just want specific components. So for the purpose of the comparison, JEM would no longer be appropriate as a stand-alone affiliate system.

The JEM prices are:

  • Standard license: $497 one-off
  • Leased license: $29.95/month
  • Hosted license: $44.95/month

Visit: JEM


Since JEM is out of the picture, I’ll just touch on iDevAffiliate 6 and PostAffiliate Pro 4 here. If you have a programmer, or are a very technical person, I’d recommend PostAffiliate Pro 4 because of its feature-set. Otherwise, the average marketer would be more than happy with iDevAffiliate 6, especially since it has a complete feature set, with a lower price point as well.

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