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How other entrepreneurs have benefited

Justin chiam

What we had to get right in order to scale

We’ve been in the business for about 3 years, and accelerating our growth has been a problem that we’ve been facing. After working with Alvin, he has really helped us crystallise our roadmap and what we had to get right in order to scale.

Alvin is really providing a differentiated perspective - one that’s believable and substantiated by his own track record. I would highly recommend getting Alvin to help look at your business as well.

JUSTIN CHIAM  //  Fincore - Direct-to-Consumer Startup

Solomon Poon

Invaluable to my business and personal growth

Alvin's mentorship has been invaluable to my business and personal growth. Before meeting Alvin, I struggled to put out my business offer to prospects.

In our rigorous teardown sessions, Alvin helped to recraft my offer to become 10x more customer-centric, and was very dedicated in keeping me accountable to all progress.

Thanks to Alvin, I launched my first webinar successfully and became much more comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend him as a coach to get your business to the next level.

SOLOMON POON  //  DrinkAid

Anna haotanto

Results in dramatic increases

When discussing entrepreneurs in Singapore, a few names stand out. Alvin is definitely one of them. 

Alvin is laser-focused in his goals and objectives, making him a clear communicator and motivating others to dream bigger. He crystallises problems succinctly and in turn, results in dramatic increases in the productivity levels of companies.

Alvin is also a gifted mentor with a rare combination of patience, clarity, and research skills. 

ANNA HAOTANTO  //  CEO, The New Savvy

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