Facebook and Twitter have been growing phenomenally in the past few years, and it’s interesting to see how people are yearning to connect with each other and stay updated through these social networking means. The advent has given rise to new terminology such as micro-blogging, as introduced by Twitter.

Getting everyone together is no easy task. I was pleased to see that Singapore has its own share of social networking sites as well. Flea.sg is one such social network-based website, catered just for Singaporeans wanting to shop at Singapore online shops, and makes sorting through the plethora of shops an easy and convenient task.

Singapore Online Shops at Flea.sg
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The website aggregates the various Singapore online shops together, and forms a directory of shops. Shoppers can vote on the shop that they like or dislike, and shoppers can also get updates on their favourite shops. That way, it makes the online shopping experience a much easier and convenient one. If you’re looking for Singapore online shops, then checkout flea.sg!

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