Multipliers Book Summary

multipliers book

multipliers book

Multipliers book summary: Multipliers are genius makers. Multipliers invoke each person’s unique intelligence and create an atmosphere of genius—innovation, productive effort, and collective intelligence. Learn the key lessons from this book below.

Multipliers expect great things from their people and drive them to achieve extraordinary results. Multipliers look into people and find capability, and they want to access all of it and utilize people to their fullest.

Multipliers Book Summary: The Five Disciplines of the Multiplier

Discipline 1: Attracting and Optimizing Talent

Multipliers are Talent Magnets; they attract and deploy talent to its fullest, regardless of who owns the resource, and people flock to work with them because they know they will grow and be successful.

Discipline 2: Creating Intensity that Requires Best Thinking

Multipliers establish a highly motivating work environment where everyone has permission to think and the space to do their best work, free from the shackles of restrictive practices. Multipliers are liberators. Key Practices of the Liberator:

Discipline 3: Extending Challenges

Multipliers act as Challengers, continually challenging themselves and others to push beyond what they know.

The Three Practices of the Challenger:

  1. People grow through challenge, so provoke thinking and to help people discover and see the opportunity for themselves.
  2. Ask the hard questions needed to achieve a stretch challenge, but don’t answer them.
  3. Make people believe in themselves and that the impossible is possible.

Discipline 4: Debating Decisions

Multipliers operate as Debate Makers, driving sound decisions through rigorous debate.

The four parts to a well-crafted frame: QUESTION, WHY, WHO, HOW

After framing of the issue, Multipliers spark the debate, which is ENGAGING, COMPREHENSIVE, FACT-BASED, EDUCATIONAL.

Finally, a sound decision is arrived at. Multipliers ensure this in three ways. First, they reclarify the decision-making process. Second, they make the decision or explicitly delegate it to someone else to decide. And third, they communicate the decision and the rationale behind it.

Discipline 5: Instilling Ownership and Accountability

Multipliers see intelligence and capability in the people around them, and they put them in clearly in charge as owners.

When multipliers teach, they invest in their people’s ability to solve and avoid problems in the future.

The feeling of care and trust arising from giving people accountability creates an increased desire for the team member to go the extra mile and push harder to succeed.

Multipliers Book Summary Lessons

Thank you for reading the Multipliers Book Summary. The above book summary is just a concise summary of the lessons that I had learnt from the book. I’ve also provided a link to a PDF version of this below. To get all the points and stories covered in the full book, you should purchase the full book.

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