April 6

Loud Sony Radio Alarm Clock Review


I’m terrible at waking up, because I get so busy that I don’t have enough sleep. So I need really good alarm clocks that are loud and reliable. I used to have a super loud alarm clock that could wake up the entire house (think of a rape alert with an alarm clock), but it wasn’t reliable. Sometimes the alarm wouldn’t go off, or it wouldn’t keep time properly.

So I got another clock, the Sony ICF-C218 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio (Black). It’s a great clock because it runs on electricity (primary) and on batteries (secondary), allows you to choose between the radio and buzzer for your alarm, and automatically updates the time. Best of all, it costs only $11 with FREE SHIPPING!


My Sony Dream Machine alarm clock arrived from Amazon around 4 days after I ordered, and setup was absolutely painless.


I found out that the buzzer feature was horrendous and wouldn’t have a chance at waking me up because it was so soft. The radio function however was great. And my friend taught me a trick — it’s irritating as hell, but if you tune it to in between stations so that it’s a sort of static and mix of music, you would DEFINITELY wake up.

All in all, this is a great clock that works great and is a steal at $11. Grab one now if you’re looking for a good alarm clock – because this is it. Here’s the link to it: Sony ICF-C218 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio (Black)


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