I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad X60s, and recently I realised I couldn’t charge the battery anymore. Whenever I plugged in a battery, it just wouldn’t charge. So I lived on direct AC power for quite a while, hoping that the problem would miraculously fix itself. But that didn’t happen – so with great dread, I decided that I had to send it in to the service center.

I have loads of sensitive information on my Thinkpad, so before I could send it in, I did a full backup of my system, then formatted it clean. I thought I’d just drop it off at one of IBM’s many drop-off points in Singapore, but the customer service officer told me that it’d add a delay of a day or two, so I decided to just drop it off at the service center directly.

So off I went to Changi, and gave my laptop to the technician. He told me that service times took anywhere from 3-5 working days, so I was pretty much prepared to be laptop-less for the whole week. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from them the very next day, saying that my laptop was ready for collection!

ibm lenovo thinkpad service card
A nice card that came with back with my repaired Thinkpad

Apparently there was a problem with my Thinkpad’s motherboard, which prevented it from charging the batteries. So they replaced the motherboard, charged my battery, and even cleaned up the whole notebook so that it looked as good as new for me!

I’m happy 🙂

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