Injinji Toe Socks Review

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I got a pair of Injinji toe socks after reading about them while digging up information about the Vibram FiveFingers. I thought they were just normal toe socks, but after you get them, you realise that the quality that the Injinji’s have is much better than a cheaper pair of toe socks.


First of all, there aren’t any seams that will cause chafing or blistering – that alone is worth the price tag, because finding a pair of socks without seams is near impossible. Secondly, the Injinji socks make use of CoolMax material (although there are other variants, such as the wool-based socks) that wick moisture, and dry faster than conventional cotton.


Originally I thought the extra material in-between your toes will make the fit snugger when I wear my shoes, but I’ve found this difference to be imperceptible. The feel is different too – you’ll definitely have a harder time wearing the socks, but we’re talking about a difference of maybe 10 seconds longer putting on your Injinji’s compared to conventional socks. After that, the first 5 minutes in your shoes will feel strange, but you’ll get used to it and you’ll never notice that you’re wearing toe socks, except for the added comfort and joy you get when you wriggle your toes!


I got the black and the white, and tried these pair of socks with my Vibram FiveFingers, as well as with my Adidas running shoes, and my Converse sneakers. I didn’t like the way they looked with the Vibrams, because the Vibrams ended way lower than the socks, so you could see the socks sticking out, and I didn’t like the look. They felt perfectly fine though, and didn’t seem to add any perceivable bulk so my Vibrams still felt comfortable enough. With my normal shoes though, wearing the Injinji’s looked fine, and felt extremely comfortable. I wouldn’t use them if you want your socks for padding though, because the Injinji’s are a bit thin.

I highly recommend a pair of Injinji’s. If you’re looking for a high-performance sock, this is it. The Injinji toe socks come in various sizes, and I chose the micro-crew, which has the sock end just below my ankle. I got mine from Amazon, and with free shipping (the Amazon listing has free shipping by both Amazon and the 3rd-party retailers).

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5 Responses

  1. Toe socks is something I've never tried, but they really do look very comfortable and I am quite tempted to order a couple of pairs off Amazon. The joys of the internet, it really makes the world such a small place! You have to love it!

  2. Hi Alvin,

    I’m thinking of getting the injinji toe sox too, but on sizing, do they run true to the size charts? For nike socks, I usually get 1 size smaller so they fit better. should I do the same for injinji?

  3. Hi may I know how do u get amazon to ship for free to singapore. I am interested in getting the socks for an upcoming run. How long do they take to deliver?

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