I want to change my Palm Treo 650.

Palm Treo 650 Mobile Phone

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great phone, an excellent phone in fact! But these days it’s becoming too much of a giant in the land of the slimmies. Plus, it doesn’t have Wi-Fi, which is quite a big drawback since I can get a free wireless connection pretty much anywhere these days.

I love the keyboard though – I type amazingly fast compared to my friends who are using the normal numeric keypads. And this is really important to me because I have so many thoughts and ideas and things that I need to jot down or work on that a physical keyboard is a MUST.

That’s why phones like the Samsung i600 (Blackjack) drew my attention. These phones have everything I need – the keyboard, wifi, slim form factor…

Everything save for one fatal flaw….no touchscreen.

Samsung i600 Blackjack Mobile Phone

What a bummer. I know people are saying that the scrollwheel can almost replace the touchscreen, but I think it just doesn’t. With text operations like copy-and-paste, there’s really nothing that beats a touchscreen. So I guess it’s going to be more waiting for a Samsung i600 phone with touchscreen.

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