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I Only Own One Pair Of Shoes

August 8, 2020

business entrepreneurship minimalist
business entrepreneurship minimalist

I only own one pair of shoes. This is a stark contrast from 8 years ago, when I’d be thinking about:

  • How many pairs can I collect
  • How big a shoerobe can I get

It’s funny, because I only realised this after I scaled my business from $0 to $30m.

Mind you, I wasn’t born rich. So I was always hankering after gadgets and fancy toys. That’s what society says makes us happy, isn’t it?

At one point of time, I had amassed truckloads of stuff. And then finally one day, I decided to let everything go.

I literally sold EVERYTHING. My whole life’s possessions could fit into 2 luggages.

As I got rid of my stuff, I found myself continually questioning: “What if I need this later?”

Years later, the answer is that I do not. In fact, I don’t even miss the stuff I thought I valued highly.

It’s sobering when you put your items up for sale, and realise people will never pay you the value you think your items have

My lesson learnt is this: question everything. Be intentional.

This helps tremendously with all aspects of life, not just with scaling up businesses.

This is the same as how I teach my clients. Always think about why you’re doing something.

If you want to grow your sales: are you focused on impressions/likes, or are you focused on conversions.

Same thing in life. If you are buying something: is it really for yourself? Or is it simply what society says you need to get?

Hopefully you might learn something from this post. Or you’ll share it with someone else who might.

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