How To Use Home and End Keys in Gmail in Firefox on the Mac OS

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While I love my MacBook Pro, I have issues with certain things in the usability department. For instance, after all that talk about a controlled User Interface and cross-application consistency, we still get hit with some pretty annoying bugs. Just like trying to use the Home and End keys in Gmail in Firefox – the default method (where you hit Cmd+left for home, or Cmd+right for end) just doesn’t work.

Solution? You have three actually, as below:

  1. If you need to use the rich editor, then you’ll need to use Ctrl+A (beginning of line) or Ctrl+E (end of line)
  2. Hit the “plain text” link right below the subject line, and the Cmd+left, or Cmd+right, will work again
  3. Go to the Tools menu in Firefox, and click on Addons. Search for keyfixer, which maps the Mac keys so that you can use Home and End like they should

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