How To Use AWeber Personalization Code And Variables

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Personalization fields allow you to tailor your emails so that it appears like like a personal email to every one of your subscribers. With AWeber, you’re able to do this easily.

Using personalisation fields in your AWeber emails is a simple 2-step process:

Step 1: Craft your email message as you would normally, but when you are at the point when you want to insert a personalisation field, click on the “Personalise” button in the toolbar above the textfield.

aweber personalisation codes and variables

Step 2: A pop-up menu will appear right at the point where you typing, and you can choose which personalisation field you’d like from the list.

You are also able to manually type in the personalisation fields. This is especially useful if you want to store your messages in text format elsewhere, or pass email swipes along. Here’s a list of commonly used AWeber personalization codes or variables:


The “fix” version of the name variables are a great way of fixing any incorrect capitalisation that’s recorded in your database. For instance, if Ben were to sign up to your email list as BEN, then using {!firstname} would result in his name appearing exactly like it is – “BEN”, in all capitals. {!firstname_fix} would fix this problem, and display his name as “Ben” in all your emails.

If you’re not on AWeber, and are running or planning to run email marketing campaigns, I’d highly recommend their email marketing services.

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