How To Solve Skype Problem “Unable To Mount Database”

There was an update for Skype that I performed on my Macbook this morning, and when I was done with the update, Skype was restarted. However, there was a problem when Skype started, and it showed this error message: “Unable to mount database”.

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Searching around, I found a solution by Skype user Michael on the Skype forums. Apparently several people were having this problem too, and the fix proposed by Michael was a simple solution to this problem. You just need to delete this file:

{OS x User dir}/Library/Application Support/Skype/{skype name}/config.lck

After which, Skype should work just fine again 🙂 What I didn’t understand was why Skype would break on a simple, routine thing like an update, considering that millions of people use Skype, and some of them who would consider the above solution complicated.

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