How To Solve Lag Problems And Slowness With Samsung Galaxy S (Even After Updating Android OS)

samsung galaxy s slow laggy

If you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S (all versions) after you updated from 2.1 eclair to 2.2 froyo, you’re not alone. Turns out that there’s a problem with Samsung and their Galaxy S’s, and many people are experiencing lag, or general slow-ness, when using their phones.

Android 2.1 was pretty okay for me, but after I updated to Android 2.2, things got horribly slow. Mail and messages would take ages to load, and apps would take forever to run. It got to the point where I was about to switch phones. Fortunately, I found a solution online. If you’re facing the same problems and have not tried this solution, I highly encourage you to give it a shot.

If you’re not sure if your Galaxy S is slow, go to the Market and grab Quadrant. Run the tests, and if you’re not getting somewhere around 1800, your phone is slow. When I ran Quadrant initially, my Galaxy S only clocked in at around 800-900. After this fix, it’s doing 1800-1900.

Step 1: Z4Root

Download Z4Root. This app allows you a one-click method to root your phone, which is kind of like jailbreaking for iPhones. With rooted phones, you can grant superuser access to apps, which allows these apps to do things that they normally couldn’t be able to because of permission restrictions.

Problem is, Google pulled Z4Root from the Market, so you’ll need to visit the Z4Root page on XDA Developers forum, and manually grab the file there. Some people may face a problem with obtaining a file from that forum, so I’m going to host it as well. You can download it here: z4root.1.3.0.apk

Once you get the file, either use Dropbox, or transfer the file to your phone via USB. Next, run the app “My Files” (should be a default Samsung app) and run that .apk file that you’ve just transferred to your phone.

Important: Do not apply the temporary root option because it has a high chance of bricking your phone.

Step 2: OCLF

Go to Market, and download OCLF. It’s free, but donate to the developer if you can, because this app will save you so much frustration. After it’s downloaded, run it, and wait for all the checks to complete. Then install the EXT2 tools. After that’s done, you should see a message saying that it’s successful, so press back to go back to the menu, and wait for the checks to complete again. You should now see that the option to install the “One click lag fix” is enabled, so choose that. It’ll take a while to set up and your phone will reboot automatically, but once it’s done, you should have a much faster Galaxy S.

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  1. Hi Alvin,got to know that u’ve solved the lagging problem for SGS.
    I jus bought 1 from Singtel,but using starhub sim.
    Tried to follow ur steps..howeva in vain.

  2. U advised to transfer the apk file to (my files)under samsung application.Does it mean that i have an external SD card to complete STEP 1,so sorry bro.I’m a noob when it comes to these IT gadgets..Hope you can advice me.Thank you

  3. Hi Alvin,thank you.i’ve done it both step 1 & 2. my phone was smoother(wifi)only.I run thru the quadrant test,indeed the result was tremendously diff.Fr initial 919 to 2193 after the process.wifi was good.But there wasn’t any difference when i need to use the 3g service.It would still lag badly.

    Where do i go wrong?can u please advice me on wat i can do next?Thanx in advance.Sorry to trouble you bro.

    • Great to hear that it works. It fixes the lag problem with the phone – network issues (such as 3G) depends on your carrier. And since wifi is smooth (wifi is generally faster and more stable than 3g), I’d say it’s a network issue.

  4. I’ve only just got a Galaxy S on the Three network, have upgraded to 2.2 and am experiencing serious lag. I ran Quadrant, it got a score of 984 so i’m serioulsy considering applying the lag fix you mention here. My questions are: –
    1. Can the process be reversed?
    2. Will applying the lag fix affect my manufacturers warranty?
    3. What are the shortfalls of applying this lag fix i.e. does it reduce the available space for installing apps?
    4. Is the process safe if the instructions are follwed to the letter? How likely is it that i’ll brick my phone?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    • 1. Yes, all the apps that are listed have a “reverse/undo” feature
      2. Not that I know of – the process is reversible as per #1
      3. You have to create a partition that your apps reside on if I recall correctly, but it didn’t affect my performance/usage on this phone since I applied this process
      4. I didn’t face any problems. Everything was straightforward and didn’t involve complex commands nor procedures. You don’t have to flash your ROM.

      However, though I’ve experienced no problems so far, do note that this isn’t a guarantee.

  5. Thanks for your responses, one question i forgot to ask, do you know if this fix removes bloatware?; I’m concerned it might remove some applications that i currently find useful.

    • Nope, doesn’t remove any apps. Gives you the ability to do so afterward if you wish though, but that’s another process.

  6. Alvin,

    I took the plunge this afternoon and followed the instructions. Now my phone starts up, then goes black apart from the two bottom buttons lit up and occassionally vibrates. Please can you help me with any suggestions for recovering it you might have?


    • Seems like other people have faced similar problems after applying the temporary root option instead of the normal root. To recover your phone, first shut it down, then simultaneously hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons. Release when the screen shows something, and use the Volume button to scroll up/down and choose the recover option.

  7. I hit a problem in step 2, after the “OneClickLagFix V2.2”, I had the following error message: “OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mount loopback device /dev/loop5! Device or resource busy “. I tried to use V1 and had the some error message. Can someone help?

  8. Hi Alvin, as per Nick’s problem above, after rebooting my phone after the lag fix (I used the temporary root option too), I am getting a black screen which vibrates occasionally. I tried your solution above to recover my phone, but it still won’t reboot properly. However, when simultaneously holding down the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons, I don’t get a “recover” option – just a “reboot now” option. Are these two the same? Please help.

    • This may be more serious because you might have a version of the Galaxy S that doesn’t support the recovery option. Give that recovery method a try again (making sure you hold down the buttons), and if it fails you might have to bring the phone down to Samsung.

  9. Hi again, thanks for your quick response. I had to “erase all data” and then used the “reboot system now” option to recover my phone. Phone works fine now, but lost all my data as a result. Not sure why my Galaxy S didn’t have a “recover now” option.

  10. Hi Alvin, after rebooting my phone, I had to re-root the phone again since it unrooted itself. After selecting the permanent option and following all the instructions, I’m now getting a quadrant score of 1791. Previously, it only achieved around 800. Thanks for all your help again!

  11. And if it is so simple…why the heck doesn’t Google & Samsung get off their butts and fix it?

    I guess we’re all lucky they don’t do this technology thing for a job!

  12. Cant root the phone. After installation of the zroot, run it, then it just goes off. When tried to run OCLF, it says root required????
    What happened?

  13. Wow!! It worked like a piece of cake and I see my phone’s quandrant rating jumping to 1840 from 951.

    Thanks a lot!!

  14. Hi Alvin, Brilliant stuff.

    After installing EXT2 Tools I don’t get the option of “no-lag fix”. Is there some other option. Please advise.


  15. worked great on my froyo galaxy s from singtel in general. but right after I send an SMS and hit the back button it still lags.. Anyway, Alvin, you need to change your tutorial instructions on “no-lag fix” as it is now called “one click lag fix v2.2+”….or at least i think it is…. cos I couldn’t find “no-lag fix” either

    • ahhh I’ll have that updated, thanks. Regarding the SMS lag, I’ve had that too, and I found that clearing my inbox helped immensely. Not sure if that’d help you too.

  16. i can not dowload the root… its asking me to register but for some reason i cant… is there a link i can download the root directly..?

  17. the message “The solution of task you submitted was incorrect. Please read the instruction and try again.” keeps on popping up and i kept on
    doing the darn puzzle….

  18. got another problem… when i run z4root. my fn is not rebooting… then its not able to run OCLF… its looking for another file….

  19. Thanx mr alvin for sharing the guidelines..i was totally frustrated after updating my OS eclair to froyo because it became more laggy than before.i’m not an IT literated guy.all i can do is just installing n running some of the task killers from 3rd party market.unfortunately nothing’s changed.things getting worse..luckily i found ur blog n follow all the i’m happy with my glxy s.thanx again! 🙂

  20. yah… i did… i downloaded the z4root from your link then transfered it to my phone…. then i downloaded the OCLF (i even donated….) then when i open it, the only thing available is “Check free Space”.. the rest is unacailable…. did i do something wrong…. lease help me out here bro….if i try to click”install EXT2 tools” its showing Root is required to run this file… but i should be rooted aready coz i have Z4 right…?

  21. Thanks for the great guide, it really worked as described with benchmark scores listed on your page. Especially for other Singaporeans using Singtel galaxy S and Froyo 2.2 update, it works!!!

    Thanks again Alvin!

  22. hi alvin,
    i can seem to get the .APK file after i extracted the z4root1.3.0.
    well instead i received abt 29 extracted files but not is known as a .apk file

    any ideas??

  23. hi alvin… again i can not get access to the xda… can you post a direct ink where i can download the data… in refference to the z4root, maybe its the version… maybe my unit can run it on an earlyer version… anyway…. hope to here form you…sorry for the trouble..

    • I haven’t used SuperOneClickRoot before, so I’m not sure about it because it has a whole new procedure to root (isn’t as easy as z4root)

  24. Oh yeah! I started out with just 750..after doing this I am now at 1863..and it really is faster this time..thanks man!

  25. I hit a problem in step 2, after the “OneClickLagFix V2.2?, I had the following error message: “OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mount loopback device /dev/loop5! Device or resource busy “. I tried to use V1 and had the some error message. Can someone help?

    Reboot didnt help either.

  26. looks like it was due to the extra 2gig micro sd that I had in my Galaxy S. I turned off my phone, removed it, started it and applied V2.2 again and viola! 1861 is the current score. thanks a bunch!

  27. hey everyone, im trying to do this, i have rooted my device, and installed the oclf, but the only option that is green and available is check free space, everything else is “unavailable” any ideas why this would be? im using froyo 2.2 and its the samsung galaxy s captivate

    • was the root done correctly? i would think oclf would work or at least show the option to install the tools if the phone was rooted

  28. Hi alvin n everyone!..recently ive upgraded latest firmware using kies from 2.2 froyo to 2.2.1(DXJPE) and i cant run z4 root n oclf anymore but somehow some lags that occur in previous 2.2 have gone! Eventhough the quadrant score not that high as after oclf but my phone runs smoothly.a lot of improvements in stability,contacts,keyboard,dialer and picture viewing which were sometimes laggy even after oclf.just wanna share with u n others..:)

  29. Fantastic solution. I had done this last year but was quite happy after going to 2.2 However, it started to run slower and slower with no reason why. I tried the root a month ago but opted for “Tempory” ****DO NOT DO THIS*** It will brick your phone.
    That said I did exactly what you said this time and I now have the phone as it should be, fantastically quick and just sooooooo great, thanks

  30. hello again, I think it was just an issue with z4 root and my version(samsung galaxy s captivate with froyo 2.2) what i had done was use the second option for rooting (super one click) and it worked like a charm, before applying the lag fix i scored around 914, after i got 1650 on the first try.

    thanks for everyones help and the great article!

  31. getting an error doing the one lag fix v 2.2 this is wat i get “OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mount loopback device /dev/loop5! Device or resource busy “. I tried to use V1 and had the some error message. Can someone help?

  32. Very good step by step tutorial. Now, my Galaxy S is very different. Faster and very minimal lags.

    so, this Z4Root and OCLF should be always running? will this prevent ADW launcher from lagging too?

    Thanks Alvin for your help.

    • Z4Root and OCLF aren’t “applications” that run in the background, but think of them rather as configuration changes to your phone’s system. I’m not sure about ADW launcher though, never used it, but the phone and all its applications should be faster.

  33. Thanks Man.

    I have unchecked USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S settings because I cannot connect to Kies on my PC. Will it stop any of the Z4Root and OCLF? I remember one of the steps I’ve taken is to turn on USB debugging. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. hi alvin,

    Previously i have root my phone with z4root. May I know how to unroot my phone coz the home button give problem and with warranty so i have to send back to the service center.

  35. I’m in love with my SGS again. It improved not only benchmark results, my phone actually performs MUCH (do not know better word for this) better. Even Skype is working as expected 🙂 Thanks.

  36. Hi alvin, how long does this whole process take ?
    Because I started step 2 and did exactly what i said and run the One Click Lag Fix, still run it and it said “Creating 850mb file to store data inside. This could take a long time…” and then it run the command. I wait for like more than 2 hours but it has not finished yet so I think the phone is froze, so what should I do ? I need reply asap
    Thx in advance Alvin………

  37. Hey Alvin, one more question, I have a problem with the lag fix, it said “OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mount loopback device/dev/loop5! mount:Device or resource busy”. What do I do now ?
    Pls help me, I am new to Android . Thx again

  38. Thx Alvin, finally got it work from 900 to 1700, Is that a good change ? can i do the whole thing again and get even better result ?

  39. hello, i jsut bought my new SGS a few days ago and the lag is really annoying.i just checked my benchmark and it was 970. just in case i fail. can i know the steps to undo everything? i dont have any impt data inside so i wont mind losing them… my firmware is 2.2 froyo.


    • The steps are all reversible within the apps. The worst case scenario is that you have to flash your phone or bring it down to the service centre.

  40. whats flash my phone? and if i root my phone and crash isnt it the same as jail break and the warrenty would probly be voided.

    • Winrar is a program. I only advise you to proceed if you’re comfortable with the steps and the consequences. If not, I’d advise you not to go through this procedure.

  41. ok i going to root it later on. but i would like to know more about what i can do with my SGS after i root. cause the ONLY reason im rooting is because of speed performance. i heard of linux and stuff etc etc but i dont even know anyhing more about it.

  42. sorry to bother you again. but are we talking about the raynza OCLF 2.0? cause i got my SGS for not more then 2 days. if something goes wrong…well… just trying to be as sure as possible.

  43. Hi Alvin,

    How long you need to run z4root… I’ve downloaded the file and running the apps… After tapping the premanent root… It had ran for an hour on the blue screen… pls help… thanks

    • Shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Perhaps u can remove your sd card or try a factory reset and try it again

  44. I dont have a SD card in my gadget.. :p and pardon me… how to perform the factory reset… pls revert… thanks…

    • Do do a factory reset (which removes all data on your phone), go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset.

  45. Hi Alvin,

    Is this bcos my firmware version can’t run the Z4Root..

    My firmware version is 2.2
    and build number is FROYO.DJXPE

    (This refer to Ahmad’s post on 27/2/2011)

  46. Hi Alvin,

    After the factory reset. It will reset my phone to version 2.1 or it will still be at the current 2.2 version?


  47. Hi Alvin,

    Just tried the above steps and viola….it works… from 955 to

    Build #Froyo.DXJPA.

    Can I check if I uninstall them, will it become slow again?

  48. @ Eric
    Z4Root cant work on build Froyo.DXJPE, been trying for a while and gave up and use the one click rooter from the above link.

    Finally got it to root using it.

  49. Fantastic. My SGS went from 949 to 1832. All apps load so much faster.

    My experience with this fix, I had to install Z4Root a few times and attempt the OCLF a few times before I could get the EXT2 tools to initialize. After the EXT2 tools were installed, you have to press the back button to get back to the menu to install OCLF (no instructiosn as to next step was on screen).

    After that, it was great.

    Thanks for this post. Much appreciated.

  50. after installing z4root on my galaxy s, my antivirus give me warning of virus, and when i press fix so the z4root auto reinstall from my device….need help thks in advance

  51. Hi Alvin,
    I bought my SGS last year and have been hating the lag so much that I rarely touch my SGS and just play with another gadget.
    And when I just randomly google, found your blog and eagerly try it on my SGS.
    Now, thanks to you, I fall in live again with my SGS (whom quadrant score is now 2016)

    Thank you.

    With lots of kisses and hugs,

  52. Dear Alvin

    Just wondering if this z4root/OCLF work with froyo build JXJPE…. had refer to the above way which is to used the one click rooter….. had a succesfull root on the z4root then apply the OCLF also successfull. buth then my SGS still run with lot of lag, also the quadran score still 890…. Need help ASAP….

  53. Sweet, thanks. Works great

    But, the link to get z4root direct from this site sent my antivirus into overdrive! Got it from the xda forums no dramas

  54. Hi

    Thanks so much for that fix. The Galaxy S has been nothing but problematic since i got my hands on it. Lets hope gingerbread resolves some issues.

    Thanks again!

    Shane 🙂

  55. i rooted my phone using z4.
    then i installed OLCF. it says my phone is not rooted so i had to FORCE the installation of EXT2 Tools. it then says i do not have enough space to run OneClickLagFix even though i have over a 1gb free of internal space…

    i was able to free up space when i tried to run it last night. and another error came up. i give up. this is all bullshit.

  56. I freed up all the space. ran the lag fix and got this message:
    OneClickLagFix V2.2+ failed with error: Could not mount loopback device/dev/loop5! mount: Device or resource busy

    please help!!

  57. OneClickLagFix V1+failed with error: Could not link loopback device/dev/loop5 to/data/linux.ex2!

    WHAT is going on????

    • Try this: Remove your micro sd card, turn off the phone, turn it back on, and apply the fix again.

  58. I rooted my samsung galaxy s. following all the steps of using z4 root thingy. followed everything using OCLF and nothing works. dont even have busy box. everytime i try run oneclicklagfix v1 or v2 an error occurs and won’t let me. can anyone help??

  59. chhheeeers alvin. that sorted it out. just wondering about the whole busy box thing and how to find out my quadrant scores? if u can be assed to jot down a bit of info that would be sweet.

  60. just using advanced task killer. it says my available memory is down to just 37m!
    whats that about?
    before i rooted and used OCLF it used to be in the high 90s at its lowest…
    anyone know whats going on?

  61. This may be completely unrelated to this, but I was wondering if you had heard anyone complaining about Emails not being received. Unless I turn my Samsung Galaxy S off and on every day, I find that I do not get certain updates, like CNN app, and Emails. Are there any fixes out there for that issue?


    • I haven’t heard about problems like that, sorry. I can’t find any issues on this on Google too – perhaps it’s a hardware issue? An faulty antenna perhaps?

  62. i unrooted my phone. just UNdid everything i did to “make my phone really Fast and fix all LAG” and NOW my phone is running alright. don’t think im going to try rooting my phone or anything again anytime soon unless it’s completely safe and worth it.

  63. Hi all ,
    It worked for me just installed before it got faster.
    I have few questions please can you answer it?
    Q1.Is it compulsory to keep my phone in rooted state as long as i use this application?
    Q2.Will this solve freezes which occur frequently?

    Thanks in advance

  64. Hi alvin.
    I tried to run the Z4 root with permanent root.while the process wuz goin on .my fone jus got hanged.ny solution..
    one more question.
    my sgs is already rooted,do i need the z4 root then?

    • I’m not sure, but it sounds like if your sgs is already rooted, then you probably won’t need it.

  65. Alryt thanks alvin…ur method got me to 2050 from 812 quadrant score….thkns man .what should i do after everything is done,remove all that apps?

    • No problems! I didn’t remove those apps because I might want to reverse the procedure (for whatever reason), so I kept them. I’m pretty sure that you can delete them though, as the changes are made to your phone already.

  66. Hi Alvin ,

    I have unrooted after installing this app, still i got freeze 2 times.

    Now I am keeping it in rooted state only need to check whether it get freezes atleast once or not.

    Mine Quadrant shows me variations when i run it after some time in intervals ,highest was 1952 ,1820,1870,1760 like that.

    Thank you very much for this app and your post.

    Hoping this time freeze may not occur.

    And also do we have any other alternate to stop the mobile from getting freezed?

    Thanks in advance

  67. Im stuck with just “running exploit in order to obtain root access” its not doing anything at all help!

  68. Ive gotten past that alredy. Now im stuck with “attempting to root…” it vibrates and then exits the application…

  69. I just fallowed all instructions, I had a problem at first with the Z4Root but when I enabled my USB debugger it worked fine. I started with a 735 and installed
    OCLF and ended with a 2159. Very nice runs great. I checked a few hours later and it already droped 300 or more point how do I fix that. Just want to let you know I didnt not download Z4Root to my comp and transfer I downloaded it right from my phone.

  70. Thanks

    Works a treat

    Now the phone waits for me – not the other way around!!

    Samsung Galaxy S from ‘3’ three previously jail broken and running on Optus n/w

  71. Hi,when I click on QuickLagFix v2.2.+ I get the message “You do not have enough free space in /data to use this fix. Please free up space before using this fix”. So, v2.2 means Froyo? Coz I’m running on Eclair. Now, I just learned how to root yesterday- how do I change Eclair to Froyo or Gingerbread? I have ROM Manager Pro but it’s no good since it really doesn’t offer a single downloadable ROM as I had hoped for. Please help!

  72. Ok, my main question was what do I need to do in order to install the lag fix? should I free up memory as it says? or should I upgrade to Froyo (just my impression due to the v2.2+ thing- I have no what idea what it means) thank you!

  73. hi sorry i’m a noob i need help
    i run the Quadrant Standard Edition and after it finishs the test it send the test info to the internet then it gives me couldnt connect to the website ..why is that and how can i get my test results ?

    another question after i install the lag fix step
    can i unistall them ?? if i can unistall them pls tell me who with details because am a noob sorry

  74. Taken me a while but I have achieved the lag fix and my phone is so much faster.


    Oh I had to use “Super-0ne-Click” to root the phone and it worked a treat on my Samsung Galaxy S

  75. pls pls help me ! i have samsung galaxy s
    i downloaded the z4root and opened it
    then the program told me i have to enable the usb plug so i enabled it
    then it started giving me loadings
    then my phone vibrated and closed the program
    and every 5 seconds my phone vabrite
    and my phone now is laging alots
    and when i try to open the z4root again it gives me (the program not responding force to close )
    pls pls help me what should i do now ? ?!
    i really dont want to lose my phone pls help me fast 🙁

  76. by reboot u mean restart my device (they are the same ? or there is a diffrence ) ?
    ok i tried to restart my device and it worked my phone is back to normal but no rooted 🙁
    i tried to root again and nothing happend the same thing 🙁
    what should i do to root pls help me

    • yes reboot and restart are the same (at least to me). I’m not familiar with this issue that you’re facing now – perhaps you can try another app (Super-0ne-Click is an example) to root the phone

  77. Hi

    since doing this procedure the phone works fantastically BUT kies cannot sync my contacts with Outlook.

    I have unRooted but it doesn’t help

    Now i am unwinding the whole process to see if it fixes the sync problem

    then i will do it again

    any hints gratefully accepted [email protected]

  78. OK

    rooted again
    undid lag fix

    now sync works (even with phone rooted) – however i get a negative quadrant score (go figure)

    Will now try the alternate lag fix

  79. OK

    now sync is working

    i rooted using z4root and the procedure above
    I applied OneClickLagFix V1+ becasue V2+ prevented sync from working

    Syncing is now working
    quadrant score 1819


  80. Hi Alvin, I’ve tried running the OCLF, and when it runs the checks it just comes up red for each one with “unavailable” showing next to it. What have I done wrong? =(

  81. Hey,

    works great.
    my score went from 915 to 1847 which is a big increase and seems to be alot faster.

    i had to try the z4 root a couple of times then it worked fine.
    thanks alvin

    i’m in australia on optus network.

  82. Hi,
    Hi tried to root and lagfix my Galaxy S (I9000), but I can´t do nothing.
    Has 2.2 FROYO.XWJPF with Kernel root@SE-S603#1.
    – In the mobile I tried Z4root e after OCLF…and nothing;
    – Tried Universal Androot…nothing;
    – I install in pc ODIN3, i cannot enter in recovery mode (VOL – + HOME + POWER)….nothing happens;
    – SuperOneClick…no.
    I really need that you help me to understand what´s wrong and to finally get a simple solution for this.
    Thanks for the help.

  83. Some phones are from batches that do not have the recovery mode key sequence active, so you can’t use that.

  84. I have just rooted and ran the lag fix on my galaxy s froyo and it worked a treat so thank you. My benchmark has gone from 879 to 1759, it was driving me mad but its a pleaseure again. Your instructions are perfect.

  85. Thanks so much Alvin. i was on the final straw with the constant lagging and having to reset but i thoguht i;d have one last go at fixing the galaxy s…..then i found your page and 😀 im pre stoked with how its going…

    Many thanks….

  86. Hi alvin.

    Thanks for posting this article. It was very helpful. Although does everyone else experience simple lag, for instance when in the applications menu when switching between different pages is there meant to be some lag present or is that just me. Im getting a quadrant score of around 1850.

  87. OMG ALVIN. Thank you SOOOO Much!! I was really getting the shits with my Galaxy, it was getting so bad that my phone would be vibrating (calling/texting recieved whatever), then it would light up.. then the caller/text details would appear, by the time all of this happened the bloody caller had hung up! It was ridiculous!! So the Quadrant said my phone was running at 862.. after all of your steps, I’ve hit 2206. STOKED. Although I could not find the OCLF in the Market, I had to buy one from RyanZA ($1.85) – not complaining though. Well worth the investment. Love my galaxy all over again!!!!

  88. k..i downloaded the z4root and sent it to my phone via usb then i went to myfiles to open it but it says i’ve not got the application to run it please can you hep with this?

  89. Ok something wrong with my samsung, took 1 smoke still showing the z4 mod logo and a loading indicator. gonna try other methods and couple of beers. cheers Alvin

  90. Please Help, I have tried it all, sd card in, sd card out, re-root (superoneclick), even factory reset. Yet I am still not able to install the ext2 files, says that there isn’t enough space, but after the reset there was 1.61gb of space available for applications. thank gawd for titanium backup/restore, saved my butt!!! So I have paid for this app ( OCLF 2.3.0D ) due to every great experience everyone else had, but not me, go figure! I hope that there is a solution, I would hate to continue to be dis-satisfied. I have a sammy vibrant, running 2.2 firmware, stock rom just rooted, and only really wanted to do the lag fix, and maybe some battery saving, and mess around with overclocking, but crap I can’t seem to get this to work… quite discouraging. Thanks in advance – Zach

  91. I was almost on the verge of throwing my Galaxy S. Till I found this thread. Rooted my phone yesterday and also installed the OCLF. The phone is now working wonderfully. Almost no visible lag. But I really wonder, what is Samsung or even Google doing about it. Like me there could be millions of frustrated users not knowing what to do with their expensive phones.

  92. Hi Alvin,
    when click on the link you’ve posted, z4root.1.3.0.apk, my antivirus popped out msg a virus or unwanted program found…would it be virus?!

  93. hello alvin im trying to root my samsung i897 running 2.2 i have tried to use z4root its not working i loaded it with using a usb ( due to not being in market) it keeps freezing or it force closes i want to root please help i been searching for days. if you have any help please help…

  94. Hey mate. I think there is a problem. I have run the Permanent root. But then when I downloaded the OCLF. It asks me to root my phone first. But i have already rooted it.. And I tried to reroot again but it does seem to work.

    PLus. It has made my phone worse with even more laggy issues and my phone freezes non-stop

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