How To Solve Lag Problems And Slowness With Samsung Galaxy S (Even After Updating Android OS)

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samsung galaxy s slow laggy

If you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S (all versions) after you updated from 2.1 eclair to 2.2 froyo, you’re not alone. Turns out that there’s a problem with Samsung and their Galaxy S’s, and many people are experiencing lag, or general slow-ness, when using their phones.

Android 2.1 was pretty okay for me, but after I updated to Android 2.2, things got horribly slow. Mail and messages would take ages to load, and apps would take forever to run. It got to the point where I was about to switch phones. Fortunately, I found a solution online. If you’re facing the same problems and have not tried this solution, I highly encourage you to give it a shot.

If you’re not sure if your Galaxy S is slow, go to the Market and grab Quadrant. Run the tests, and if you’re not getting somewhere around 1800, your phone is slow. When I ran Quadrant initially, my Galaxy S only clocked in at around 800-900. After this fix, it’s doing 1800-1900.

Step 1: Z4Root

Download Z4Root. This app allows you a one-click method to root your phone, which is kind of like jailbreaking for iPhones. With rooted phones, you can grant superuser access to apps, which allows these apps to do things that they normally couldn’t be able to because of permission restrictions.

Problem is, Google pulled Z4Root from the Market, so you’ll need to visit the Z4Root page on XDA Developers forum, and manually grab the file there. Some people may face a problem with obtaining a file from that forum, so I’m going to host it as well. You can download it here: z4root.1.3.0.apk

Once you get the file, either use Dropbox, or transfer the file to your phone via USB. Next, run the app “My Files” (should be a default Samsung app) and run that .apk file that you’ve just transferred to your phone.

Important: Do not apply the temporary root option because it has a high chance of bricking your phone.

Step 2: OCLF

Go to Market, and download OCLF. It’s free, but donate to the developer if you can, because this app will save you so much frustration. After it’s downloaded, run it, and wait for all the checks to complete. Then install the EXT2 tools. After that’s done, you should see a message saying that it’s successful, so press back to go back to the menu, and wait for the checks to complete again. You should now see that the option to install the “One click lag fix” is enabled, so choose that. It’ll take a while to set up and your phone will reboot automatically, but once it’s done, you should have a much faster Galaxy S.

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177 Responses

  1. OK

    now sync is working

    i rooted using z4root and the procedure above
    I applied OneClickLagFix V1+ becasue V2+ prevented sync from working

    Syncing is now working
    quadrant score 1819


  2. Hi Alvin, I’ve tried running the OCLF, and when it runs the checks it just comes up red for each one with “unavailable” showing next to it. What have I done wrong? =(

  3. Hey,

    works great.
    my score went from 915 to 1847 which is a big increase and seems to be alot faster.

    i had to try the z4 root a couple of times then it worked fine.
    thanks alvin

    i’m in australia on optus network.

  4. Hi,
    Hi tried to root and lagfix my Galaxy S (I9000), but I can´t do nothing.
    Has 2.2 FROYO.XWJPF with Kernel root@SE-S603#1.
    – In the mobile I tried Z4root e after OCLF…and nothing;
    – Tried Universal Androot…nothing;
    – I install in pc ODIN3, i cannot enter in recovery mode (VOL – + HOME + POWER)….nothing happens;
    – SuperOneClick…no.
    I really need that you help me to understand what´s wrong and to finally get a simple solution for this.
    Thanks for the help.

  5. I have just rooted and ran the lag fix on my galaxy s froyo and it worked a treat so thank you. My benchmark has gone from 879 to 1759, it was driving me mad but its a pleaseure again. Your instructions are perfect.

  6. Thanks so much Alvin. i was on the final straw with the constant lagging and having to reset but i thoguht i;d have one last go at fixing the galaxy s…..then i found your page and 😀 im pre stoked with how its going…

    Many thanks….

  7. Hi alvin.

    Thanks for posting this article. It was very helpful. Although does everyone else experience simple lag, for instance when in the applications menu when switching between different pages is there meant to be some lag present or is that just me. Im getting a quadrant score of around 1850.

  8. OMG ALVIN. Thank you SOOOO Much!! I was really getting the shits with my Galaxy, it was getting so bad that my phone would be vibrating (calling/texting recieved whatever), then it would light up.. then the caller/text details would appear, by the time all of this happened the bloody caller had hung up! It was ridiculous!! So the Quadrant said my phone was running at 862.. after all of your steps, I’ve hit 2206. STOKED. Although I could not find the OCLF in the Market, I had to buy one from RyanZA ($1.85) – not complaining though. Well worth the investment. Love my galaxy all over again!!!!

  9. k..i downloaded the z4root and sent it to my phone via usb then i went to myfiles to open it but it says i’ve not got the application to run it please can you hep with this?

  10. Ok something wrong with my samsung, took 1 smoke still showing the z4 mod logo and a loading indicator. gonna try other methods and couple of beers. cheers Alvin

  11. Please Help, I have tried it all, sd card in, sd card out, re-root (superoneclick), even factory reset. Yet I am still not able to install the ext2 files, says that there isn’t enough space, but after the reset there was 1.61gb of space available for applications. thank gawd for titanium backup/restore, saved my butt!!! So I have paid for this app ( OCLF 2.3.0D ) due to every great experience everyone else had, but not me, go figure! I hope that there is a solution, I would hate to continue to be dis-satisfied. I have a sammy vibrant, running 2.2 firmware, stock rom just rooted, and only really wanted to do the lag fix, and maybe some battery saving, and mess around with overclocking, but crap I can’t seem to get this to work… quite discouraging. Thanks in advance – Zach

  12. I was almost on the verge of throwing my Galaxy S. Till I found this thread. Rooted my phone yesterday and also installed the OCLF. The phone is now working wonderfully. Almost no visible lag. But I really wonder, what is Samsung or even Google doing about it. Like me there could be millions of frustrated users not knowing what to do with their expensive phones.

  13. Hi Alvin,
    when click on the link you’ve posted, z4root.1.3.0.apk, my antivirus popped out msg a virus or unwanted program found…would it be virus?!

  14. hello alvin im trying to root my samsung i897 running 2.2 i have tried to use z4root its not working i loaded it with using a usb ( due to not being in market) it keeps freezing or it force closes i want to root please help i been searching for days. if you have any help please help…

  15. Hey mate. I think there is a problem. I have run the Permanent root. But then when I downloaded the OCLF. It asks me to root my phone first. But i have already rooted it.. And I tried to reroot again but it does seem to work.

    PLus. It has made my phone worse with even more laggy issues and my phone freezes non-stop

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