How to Set Your Primary or Main SIM Card for Multi-SIM Users (SingTel, StarHub, M1)

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I recently had to replace my SIM card, and as a result, replace all my SIM cards as a Singtel multi-SIM user. Just so that I can refer to this easily, here’s the code needed for you to set whichever SIM card you want as your main or primary SIM card. Included are the codes for Singtel, and for Starhub and M1 as well. Just key in the following as though they are phone numbers, and hit dial at the end.

SingTel: *141#
StarHub: *118#
M1: *136#

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  1. Thks for this. I just changed my mobile. The starhub guys were lost.. dun know why i had issues… after 6 calls and 2 visits to the starhub shop.. i chance upon your site.. and resolved it…

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