How To Send Out An Email Notification To Your Blog Readers When You Have A New Blog Post

If you have a blog (either a company blog, personal blog, or so on), and you want to be able to email your blog subscribers or readers, then you’re probably looking at a professional email service that allows you to do so.

I’ve had the same problem, and the solution is Aweber. Aweber’s email service allows you to convert RSS to email, so you can tell your blog readers about any new posts on your blog.

aweber email notification blog post

Emails are a great way for you to get your blog readers back to your blog in order to read your post. After all, only by coming by can your blog readers comment on it and take any other actions you want them to do after getting to your website.

Aweber’s mass email service is a form of email marketing, that’s powerful enough to allow you to send full blog posts or just a brief summary, through email – and all of this is done automatically! Simply craft your email template how you want it to appear (using Aweber’s friendly tags), and your blog readers will receive the properly-formatted email with all your blog post details in it.

aweber how to rss email

The best thing is, this is like any other Aweber email, so you get the entire range of benefits: statistics (number of opens, clicks, bounces, etc), super-high deliverability rate, user-friendly email template editor, and other benefits of their professional email marketing service. Check out Aweber here.

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