How to Save Time by Watching More TV Shows in a Day

The title’s not wrong, but this post might not be what you thought it was about. It’s not about saving time in general, it’s about saving time by squeezing more TV shows or movies into the same time period.

So I was pretty amazed when I saw people multi-task by having a TV show playing on their computers while they worked on a document or something, but I recently discovered something even more incredible. I realised that well, you can actually watch even more shows by having your video player play your movie or TV show at 1.5x or 2x the original speed.

Do you realise what that means? If it’s playing at 2x the speed, you’ll watch a 2-hour show in just an hour. It only works if you’re watching a subtitled movie though, because the audio gets messed up. Besides the audio, the rest isn’t even a very noticeable change: people move faster and all that, but for the hardcore TV show watcher who just wants to finish as many programs as possible, that’s an incredible amount of savings.

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