Did you install QuickTime or iTunes, and then realised that your browser, be it Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox, now automatically launches QuickTime as the default plugin player whenever you try to play mp3s or video files?

Well, for iTunes lovers, it all started with iTunes 6. From that version onwards, we were also forced into an Apple QuickTime installation as well.

The problem is that the QuickTime Player is really annoying! Once installed, your system is immediately hijacked by QuickTime! QuickTime associates itself with mp3 files, becoming the default player and browser plugin. Most of you know – even editing the preferences in QuickTime itself doesn’t change anything.

So now whenever you come across a sound file online, QuickTime grabs control of your browser and stops you from downloading the sound file (sure, there’s an option to download it – after paying for the premium version of QuickTime, that is!).

Say No to QuickTime - The Anti QuickTime Movement!

Well, if you ever wondered how to remove QuickTime or disable QuickTime in your browser, here’s the solution!

Set Your Default Player/Plugin Back To Windows Media Player

To set your default player/plugin back to Windows Media Player, run Windows Media Player first. Next, from the Windows Media Player menu, select Tools > Options > “File Types” tab. Look for the box labelled “MP3 Audio File.”

If it is unchecked, check it.

If it is checked, uncheck it and then check it again.

Now click “Apply.”

Note: You can open Windows Media Player by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Windows Media Player.

In the future if QuickTime prompts you with the message: “Some of the MIME types previously associated with the QuickTime plugin are currently associated with other applications. Should I restore these MIME type associations to QuickTime?”

Choose “No”, and check the “Do not prompt in the future” box, so that QuickTime doesn’t ask you this anymore.

Disable QuickTime in Mozilla Firefox

Great news to Mozilla Firefox users too! It is possible to disable QuickTime and still keep iTunes – so here’s how to disable QuickTime in your Mozilla Firefox browser!

Simply go to Tools > Options > “Content” tab and click on the “Manage” button under the “File Types” category. Look around the list for “mp3” and then click on “Change Action”. From the list provided, you can change the default action (which is QuickTime) to whatever you want! For me, I chose to have Firefox download the file.

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