How To Quickly Zoom In/Out In Mac Office (Word, etc)

In Windows, you’d use Ctrl+Scroll Up or Scroll Down to zoom in or out of your Microsoft Office documents. I tried doing this in Mac Word, but Ctrl+Scroll does nothing. I tried all the other modifier keys, such as Option, Shift, Command, Fn, but to no avail. Then I tried mixing it up, and I finally found the shortcut!

So to zoom in/out of a Mac Office document, such as a Mac Word document, you just need to hold Ctrl + Cmd, and scroll up or down.

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    • well actually, ctrl+scroll is the full-screen magnification. ctrl+cmd+scroll sets the zoom level in Mac office, instead of having to go to the zoom box and fiddling with the slider, or even typing in your zoom level.

  1. CTRL-Scroll got a bit annoying cos it doesn’t work the same way as I used it in Windows. But thanks to you, life’s much better!

  2. Alvin,
    THANK YOU!!!! I use Ctrl-Scroll ALL THE TIME in Windows and it has been annoying the heck out of me for years, that there seemed not to be a similar function when running Office on Mac OS. But now i know, so thanks for the help!


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